Teen sleeping hours

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Teens Need More Sleep Than You Think

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Teens who fall asleep after midnight may still houra to get up early for school, meaning that they might squeeze in only 6 or 7 hours of sleep a night. Why Is Sleep Important?

A sleep deficit affects everything from someone's ability to pay attention in class to his or her mood. Lack of sleep also damages teens' ability to Teeen their best sleeing athletics. Slowed responses and dulled concentration from lack of sleep don't just affect school or sports performance, though. The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration estimates that more thanaccidents, 40, injuries, and 1, people are killed in the U. Young people under the age of 25 are far more likely to be involved in drowsy driving crashes.

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Sleep helps keep us physically healthy, too, by slowing the body's systems to re-energize us for everyday activities. Even if you think you're getting enough sleep, you might not be. Here are some of the signs that you may need more sleep: Some researchers, parents, and teachers have suggested that middle- and high-school classes begin later in the morning to accommodate teens' need for more sleep. Some schools have implemented later start times. You and your friends, parents, and teachers can lobby for later start times at your school, but in the meantime you'll have to make your own adjustments.

Sleeping hours Teen

Here are some things that may help sleepjng to sleep better: Set a regular bedtime. Going to bed at the same sleepjng each night signals to your body that it's time slepeing sleep. Waking up at the same time every day also can help Teen sleep patterns. Work with your teen to help them stay on a consistent schedule throughout the week and weekend. Set a bedtime and wake time that allows them to get the nightly sleep they need. Every teen will be different, so pay attention to signs of sleep deprivation and adjust their targeted sleep amount accordingly.

But keep the weekend sleep-ins to no more than 60 minutes of additional rest. Why sleep matters for teens For teenagers, sleep is nothing less than fuel that powers their brain and its development. Sleep is a biological necessity and essential for health and daily functioning. At all stages of life, the brain is active during sleep—consolidating memories and processing emotions, refreshing cells and clearing out build-up of waste materials that can slow or damage brain function.

In adolescence, the brain is still developing, and sleep is essential to healthy brain development. This part of the brain is especially sensitive to the effects slleeping sleep deprivation. Short on sleep teens are at hurs for Teen sleeping hours wide range of intellectual, social, emotional and behavioral housr. Insufficient sleep in teens is linked to: If you have a teen, you have seen firsthand sleeeping children's sleep needs change over time. By age hiurs, children begin sleeping mostly at night, but they still need 10 to 12 hours of sleep. While teens' daily sleep requirements do decline somewhat, they also naturally begin going to bed later.

But this normal tendency can spell trouble if high school hours start earlier than what teens are used to. Factor in their tendency to wake up later in the morning on weekends, and it can add up to frustration for parents trying to get their teens on a healthy sleep schedule. The Consequences of Not Getting Enough Sleep If teens don't get the 9 to 10 hours of healthy sleep they need each night, they become sleep-deprived. Sleep deprivation can cause many negative effects in adolescents, such as: A recent study in the journal Sleep found that teens with later bedtimes were more likely to develop depression and have suicidal thoughts.

Teens who don't get the sleep they need tend to have problems with memory and performance at school. Too little sleep can cause teens to have a decreased attention span, increased hyperactivity, and more temper tantrums.

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