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Why I Left Passion Parties | A Sex Toy Party Consultant’s Story

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About a year later, after hosting several parties, I became a Passion Parties consultant. As of JanuaryPassion Parties no longer exists]. But I really wanted what they were offering. Passion Parties did a fantastic job teaching us how to sell but provided no formal sex education. I read their book, memorized product information, and reached out to veteran consultants on my team. At first it was enough. This took me by surprise and I let my shock and judgment show far too often in those early days.

Ask your tax adviser for more details on exactly what is allowed to be Sex toy home shows off. How do I take credit cards? Square-up is who Seex recommend. Once you get your account and process the customer hme, they will deposit your payments into the checking account of your choice. It does not have to be a business account. The rep website has more detailed information on how to get set up to take credit cards. What if I just want to do internet sales and not do parties? FGO will take care of shipping the merchandise to the customers and maintain the website.

You simply advertise your websites address and collect a check. Other than my kit, what else is required to get started? Your kit is the only required purchase to become a rep. However, we strongly suggest that you invest in the following items as soon as possible: We suggest a cell phone so you can always have it with you. Do I have to have a computer? No, but we encourage you to because email is our primary source of contacting one another and your orders should be placed online if at all possible. Book keeping is much simpler on a computer than keeping paper records. It may or may not be possible to access our site from a public computer like the ones at the library since we have adult content and some places block those sites.

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We strongly encourage you to participate in extra events such as the Sec markets and Southern Womens Show because we give away party leads based on the time you spend working the booth. These leads could be worth several hundred dollars each. This is an easy way to get leads! If you give me a party is there a fee? That is up to the person giving you the party. They have every right to charge a finders fee and you have every right to accept or refuse the party lead.

Most parties that we give away do not have fees. Check out this months hostess special reward. Request A Party today! Top Quality Products And the most choices, period! No Monthly Quotas No quotas, No minimums.

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Our only requirement is 2 qualified parties within 90 days of sign up. After that, no monthly quotas. After all, sex tech is thought to be a pretty big industry. Though the Dunhams did show their products at AVN beforethe show's male-dominated vibe wasn't what they were looking for. Though they were initially turned down for a spot, one letter and a few phone calls later, Suki and Brian convinced CES to let them on board. They've been showing ever since, with increasing success. Inthey picking up global distributors at the show. And last year's show connected the Dunhams with a representative who put their products online at Target.

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