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Peachtree / Crestline Sash Weather Strip> foam filled

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If it is desired to keep the integral system, we can make the windows easily operable by disassembling yes, we know how to do this without destroying the metal weather-stripping, in most casessanding the sashes, and running a disc grinder through the grooves where the tongues insert. We remove the piece of metal from the back of the bottom sash, which was intended to interlock with the bottom of the top sash, but only serves to drag it down and make the lock mis-align.

By re-setting a sweep lock to do its job, the meeting rails are locked together and the interlock is unnecessary. The Spring Bronze Weather-stripping we prefer wtrip use in homes throughout the Arlington, Auburndale, Belmont, Brookline, Cambridge, Weathwr Hill, Concord, Lexington, Melrose, Newton, Watertown, Waban, Wellesley, Weston and Winchester area is a strip of metal as wide as the edge of a sash, which is fastened to the channel in which the sashes ride. It is stapled down one side, so the other side springs out.

When closed, the sash is compressing the sprung surface, closing the gap between it and the casing, making a much more draft free assembly out of an old window.

Strip Sash weather

Some people advocate adding weather-stripping to the top, middle and bottom of the sashes. We find this mostly unnecessary — because those surfaces are designed to close solidly with a properly operating lock. Adding spring bronze to the top or bottom can make the lock difficult to operate, and any form of vinyl gasketing is a temporary solution because it will eventually wear out. The real gaps in the old double hung system are in the sides of the sashes which were designed to hang freely in their tracks.

striip What else happened in the s? We hand three 'energy crunches' and started sealing up our buildings. Health experts say that rise in emphysema deaths rates is directly attributable to significant decreases of indoor air quality. The original intent of the double-hung design is to have some air infiltration which keeps the wood dry and decay free.

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I have seen too many fine old windows Sqsh out from the "seal it up real good" treatment applied in the s. There are many many other much more effective ways to deal with energy costs and occupant comfort than installing Sasj Air infiltration at all points in the sgrip including windows sstrip be significantly limited in this type of building with the installation of dense-pack cellulose insulation in the building's horizontal planes between floors and ceilingswhich dampens the 'stack effect' of rising warm air that sucks in air low in the building and pushes it out high in the building. Why does "no weatherstripping" sound so upside down crazy?

Because everyone has been brainwashed by the consumer economy masters and the building products industry. Can we please apply rational thought and our own experience to weatherstripping instead of trusting the corporations and big government whose only interest is grabbing our money? Whether or not the interior or exterior of the window system storm or shutters, primary sash, interior air panel, interior roller shade, drapes, etc. Way up north the interior primary sash or air panel should usually be sealed up during the winter, so warm moist air does not get into the system and condense due to the cold exterior air.

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