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Do you pee often or hardly ever? Here’s what your urine can tell about your health

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This usually happens when your child is around four or five. You'll also notice that your child only passes a small amount of urine. It doesn't hurt when she pees.

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Peelng don't wet themselves during the day, or if they do, it's just a small amount of urine on the underwear. That's mainly because they waited too long to go because they didn't want to stop playing. Your child doesn't drink excessive amounts of fluids, and they don't wet themselves at night time. So, what's going on here? Your child is not doing this deliberately.

The symptoms are completely involuntary, and urinary frequency may begin within one to two days of a stressful event or change Pre the child's routine. This is very common, and we see it pwe when a child starts a new school or daycare, or there is a new sibling or a move in the family. You can make the problem worse by worrying about a serious disease, punishing your child, or teasing them if they continue to do it. So, you may wonder, how long is this going to last? Am I going to have to take my child to the bathroom this often for months? Overall, this is pretty harmless and it goes away by itself. Once you figure out what is stressing your child, it will get better in about one to four weeks.

Bedwetting A few children, who also have small bladders and problems with bedwetting, even before this urinary frequency happens, may have the symptoms over and over. But, as long as you figure out that this is not something serious, your child will be okay.

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How to Help Your Children How can you help your child if they are dealing with this? The first thing is to reassure your child that he is physically healthy. Reassure ted that he can learn to wait longer before he really has to go to the bathroom. Timed Voids We thing we recommend is weee do timed voids. That is where you have your child hold their urine for about 30 minutes, then gee can have a te break. Then you have them hold it for 45 minutes, and so on, so that you gradually work back up to their normal urination pattern. The other thing is to have your child relax.

Make sure your child has enough free time and fun time everyday, and try to figure out what's going on with your child that may be stressing them. Bacteria from a urinary tract infection UTI can cause a cloudy appearance, not to mention a painful burning sensation when you pee. Shutterstock If your urine is cloudy You may have an infection. Shutterstock If you are frequently urinating Your food and liquid intake and activity level are to blame. Frequent urination, he said, could be a sign of diabetes. It can also be a sign of kidney or ureter problems, urinary bladder problems, or another medical condition, such as pregnancy, or prostate gland problems.

The most common cause of less urine is dehydration. Decreased urination can also be due to infection, an obstruction in the bladder or urinary tract, or even be caused by some medications, he added. But certain foods can impart an odour.

Shutterstock If it has a strange scent But certain foods, such as bananas, chicken, peeiny, and garlic, can give it a strong smell thanks to vitamin B-6 and sulphur compounds. Medicines can impart an odour, too. And a bacterial infection can give your urine a foul odour. Shutterstock If it smells sweet Sweet-smelling urine typically indicates the presence of sugar or glucose.

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