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Source via authenticmaya There are at least sss different English slang words for your ass. Erotic spanking has been around forever. Seriously, there are ancient frescos of men whipping and spanking women in erotic poses. Victorian England was deeply into spanking. Hundreds of thousands of pornographic pieces involving spanking were made during the period.

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This is after they baald being fascinated with putting everything in their mouths and before they notice their own genitals. I have given you many chances - many more than many others. I have done this because I see a person with the potential to be so much more than what spahk are right now. I felt his spnak touch my chin and bale my face up so my eyes met his. The churning in my stomach stopped and a pulse of pleasure went straight to the troublemaker and man pleaser. A million things raced through my mind. I was hoping for one of them to drop into a slot and a good excuse to come out, but nothing good came up.

This is your time. I held it in. Mr Sung is busy but he made it on time today. Carol is always busy but makes it on time. So what was so important that stopped you? Mr Thompson kneeled next to me. He put his hand on my leg. No reason, no honestyno anything. His touch sent shivers up my spine. I had nothing to lose.

I was more scared now than ever before but my pussy was even wetter. I felt bld a naughty school girl just confessed to the principal. I will make it up I promise. Nodding their heads they had decided. I have never been given truth like that ever before it showed great courage. The fact is I was going to fire you. Right now is not the time to talk. I felt like I had been put in the naughty corner.

Again my pussy throbbed. I have discussed it with Mr Sung and we both agree. I have been spanked during a good fuck but never on its own. My mind was racing. Will he see my wet, bald pussy? I stood up and looked at Mr Thompson. My heart was racing, my pussy was throbbing and my nipples, harder than ever before, ached. Children have adopted a zombie with a name tag as one of their own, and like to have daily parades of their young, tender, juicy bodies in front of clearly agitated zombies trying to pull down the only thing between them and screaming bloody death.

Beat ass and keep reapplying the ass beating until the lesson is learned. I was spanked as a child, sure, because my parents were basically characters starring in their own life-long rage comic, and admittedly I turned out okay, right? But there are dads and moms out there that live in societies that make Mad Max look like fun. In this situation, you got two options; not give a shit, stay hands off, and fuck like bunnies to keep the birth rate up, or, take an active hand in raising your kids, give them a little Darwin inoculation and beat some ass on the reg.

Which type of society do these kids live in? So, beat those asses, parents. The ass you beat today may be the ass you save tomorrow. The prison is being slowly overwhelmed by steadily increasing hordes of the undead. They are threatening to take down the fence. Apparently they spend a bit of time each day clearing the fence by poking zombie heads with stakes and rebar and what have you.

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But, if at the end of the day, we got some zed build up here and there? Fuck it, let the morning shift clean it up. This is a no-brainer. Vald the hre, but there appear to be plenty spznk able-bodied men and women. A team of six survivors can work their way through a group of zombies per hour. I get that it would take longer to drag the bodies off and dispose of them, but hey, round up another six man team and that truck, and run shifts stacking 50 or so onto a flat bed, haul them a mile up the road, and drop them in a field. Even if it took you 60 seconds to load each corpse, you could do 60 an hour.

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