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My Dad, the God

He personally fuckin was A bit macho gettin there, but you're learnin.

If I were to guess I would think a good solid 9 or 10 inches. He is divorced but I mainly live with my dad because my mom is a slut and gets wasted and fucked up like every night. I'm not sure if he is gay or not because the divorce hit him pretty hard which I don't know why. My dad got very upset with me and was wondering why I got that grade and I said I have know idea. So my dad got dressed and told me to get in the car because we are going to talk to your teacher. In the car he said, So Steven what is your teachers name. I responded with Mr. White or otherwise known as big White. Why do they call him Big White is it cause he is tall or fat or what.

I asked that question everytime I looked up on the white board and so that sticker that said Big White on it. It was 5 o'clock by the time we got to the high school. We got there just in time because Mr. White was putting his stuff into his car. My dad got out and asked if we could talk to him about my grade and he said most definitely. So I got out of the car and the three of us went to his classroom. White was a mediocre kind of guy. He had sideburns, trimmed hair with a centimeter left on it. It was a light brown color and he had some stubble. So what's a matter with his grade he asked.

And that's what he deserves becuase his lack of effort in this class is just not going to do it Mr. The thug had him over a barrel alright. Why had they put him in here with him? Fuck this was twisted. He'd beaten up a gay boy once at school and laughed about it with his mates for weeks. Now look where he was. Adrenaline rush and cornered. He could tell by the lad's body language that he was going to give in without too much of a fight. His dick had been kept waiting long enough Jack looked again at the menacing figure barely a metre or two away and couldn't hold the sheer force of the man's stare. Trouble wasn't the half of it. He could feel his heart pounding. This was a test, he thought.

He'd have to get through it somehow. The words fell out of him. He could see the man's wide open legs. He imagined himself crouched down with stiff meat pushing past his lips His head swam with the expectation and he lost another hand. He swigged more vodka. They played on for a while. The room was oppressively hot. He removed his T-shirt. The man watched him intently, lust hanging in the air between. He knew the kid would cope better first time round if he was already turned on as well as tipsy. As for next time Well, tomorrow was another day. He tossed it over. Jack caught the offering, put his cards down and sat further back on the bed, resting his upper back against the wall.

He opened at random, finding a sexy young blonde spreadeagled with her fingers in her pussy and licking her lips. He felt his dick stir immediately into action. He turned the page to another picture of her on all fours displaying her pert behind. His hand moved to gently rub his dick through his jeans and his mouth fell lightly open. He turned to yet another page. This time, with eyes to camera, it was a close up of her face, mouth clasped around some guy's veiny dick. He rubbed himself harder and lightly moaned. The man watched him, still gently caressing his meat through the pocket lining.

He was seriously enjoying this build up. Jack showed him the picture. One of my favourites that. Either she was fairly petite or that was one monster dick she was taking. All the tension that had been building since he'd arrived was being slowly relieved by his arousal. Look at it, Jack. Drink that beauty in. She was getting what she deserved, and she loved it. The horny youngster felt the porn and alcohol pushing insistently at his inhibitions. He knew where this was all leading and wasn't gonna pretend otherwise. He just had to let himself go with the flow. The more he stared at the magazine, the more it seemed like the fantasy there on the page was teasing him, daring him to try it.

How hard could it be? If she could do it, he could do it. No one else was ever gonna know. His dick was hard now and he wanted to start jerking it. Horny and 19, it all came easily enough. Big fuckin dick she's suckin too. Nearly as fucking big as yer old man 's. He eyed the lad's desire flushed face, the slightly open mouth, the glazed eyes, the barest hint of a few days gone without shaving on otherwise smooth skin. Those soft lips were gonna feel reeeeal nice. The lad looked at him in genuine surprise. You're bigger than that? Was this going to be more than he could handle? Only one way to find out. He was warming to his role now. Want me to prove it?

The shaved head, broad shoulders, massive biceps, tattoos, well-rounded pecs, widespread chest fuzz tapering down A proper straight bloke, no messin. You wouldn't pick a fight with him on a Friday night unless you were mental. Twice his age at least. Certainly old enough to be his dad for real. His hand pressed again at his dick through his jeans. Maybe he did want it. Prove it to me dad. Jack, scared and excited at what was happening, could only look on disbelievingly on as the fearsome shaft was revealed from within the scruffy jeans. It was a powerful weapon alright: A rough, scarred hand aimed it toward him, lightly stroking it as it neared full hardness. Is yer old man a stud or what?

You weren't kiddin were you? He was truly taken aback by the size, though it was admittedly in proportion to the big guy who owned it. He glanced again at the magazine and the woman excitedly sucking the huge dick there. Feverish anticipation swept through him. He was powerless to resist the beast awaiting him. He rubbed his jeans some more. Better learn quick, Jack. He was ready for action now, but he wanted to draw the moment out. He was enjoying seeing the kid get into the roleplay. Jack put the magazine aside and did as he was told. He slid off the bed on to the floor, strange contradictory feelings welling up inside as he took pole position.

He knew this wasn't right, knew he was no homo. In the outside world he would be screaming blue murder. But here all choice had been taken away, and he was buzzed by that. A reckless, crazy part of him wanted this all to happen, wanted to let this brutal man assert authority over him, wanted the assault. The alcohol charged through his bloodstream. No doubt about it, he was still fucking turned on. Look at that motherfucker. Bet you've made a few women scream with that thing. Jack edged a little closer, mesmerized, heart beating wildly.

Was this a dream or a nightmare? Fuck, the size of it. It was rock hard now and the man groaned deeply as the lad slowly began to slip his hand back and forth. He felt the monster surge beneath his hand. Gettin yer old man worked up a treat. He repeated the action. The young man's hand began to move more freely over the rigid tool. You just keep doin that, kid. Yer dad likes that. The thick meat was now a few inches from his face: Here we fuckin well go Hefty jaw, shaved head, thick scarred neck. The man gazed down at the horny scene with mounting excitement; he was gonna fuckin give it to him so good. The left hand took Jack's head and gently but firmly brought it forwards until the lad felt warm moist flesh pressing lightly against his lips.

I'm gonna feed it to yer, son. You're gonna swallow your dad's tasty fuckin load. His dad was a mean fucker, alright. He instinctively tongued all around to moisten it - he somehow knew that was the right thing to do - and tasted the sticky juice. The strange sweet and salty flavour of pre-cum assailed his senses. The man above him groaned deeply and Jack's mind spiralled wildly into unknown territory. He was actually sucking a man's dick. I'm surprised no guy has ever hit on you before. You really think I'm nice lookin'? I'd go after you if you weren't my nephew.

Dan's big purple cockhead was drooling onto my chest. I slurpped on it a couple times. And I wasn't even aware I'd gotten hard again. And we exchanged an occasional lip-lock. I hadn't slept that well since before the accident. Next morning, Dan got breakfast in bed for both of us. After he fed me lunch, Dan asked, "Are you ready for your next lesson in love making? I'd like to put my cock up your ass, if you'll let me. And I'd love to have you fuck me for the first time. He said, "Don't you worry about a thing.

I started to moan with delight. What do you think? I'm liking how your fingers are feeling in my ass. I'm sure I'm gonna love your dick in there. He had no trouble getting past the first ring. The second muscle was another story. When he felt me relax, he started to push himself in me again. And we both concentrated on making each other feel good. Words can't describe how good it felt. We got so into it, that neither of us heard the door open. Dan started, "Chuck, I I asked him to do it. Then he started to strip off his clothes.

Dad walked to the side of the bed. And I saw his cock begin to grow. I wanted to hold him there, but couldn't use my hands. Still, I could feel his love for me, by his actions on my dick. Unfortunately, he couldn't stay there long because Dan's pumping my ass crowded Dad's head out. So Dan licked at Dad's ass while I sucked on his cock. I gobbled Dad's rod like it was my last meal. Dad ground his ass into Dan's face. And Dan plowed my ass like a man possessed.

He acted one friend on the man's excellent diatomic leg and with the other toned curvaceous his own zip to go within. The carpenter southern resumed, young ladies smoothly tourism up and down.

As the heat mounted, Dad was the first to go storis the top. With a loud roar, my bear of a Dad let loose in my mouth. He starts unzipping my pants and undoing my button, next thing I know my pants and underwear are down by my ankles. He looked at me with a huge smile. Seconds later, Halry hot older Haiyr is down by my dick with his tongue Haigy my balls, he xad Hairy dad stories and down my shaft til he finally slides my whole shaft down his throat. I tried to moan and then he stopped and tells me to be quiet because his wife and son are a few feet away. To actually smell what it is like to be near his cock, his ass. So I wanted to wait until he got into the shower and then pick each item of clothing to sniff, perhaps to have for a short time to beat off too.

As my father was changing clothes, he laid them in a pile next to the bed, and headed toward the linen closet for a fresh towel. I hurriedly ran into the bedroom and picked up his underwear, and without even thinking held the crotch to my nose and too a big whiff of him. I should have just ran back out, but couldn't resist taking the chance. When I opened my eyes, there my father stood, naked, sweaty, and angry.

I looked at him and in a small voice said, "Yes sir. But he could read my Hairy dad stories, and the tented shorts I was storie told him all he really needed to know. He threw down the towel and walked slowly over to where I stood, his hands balled up into fists and positioned on his hips. There was a nasty Hqiry on his face, probably the same one he gave his troops when he was displeased, or serious about something. I know I was taking a chance, but this was unfolding into more than I ever dreamed. The sensation was so great, my adrenaline rush so intense that I almost shot immediately.

I then opened my eyes, and looked down at my father's dick. It was mere inches from my face. It was thick, and long, and getting larger as I stared. Obviously, I was not the only one getting a charge from this. We both lay there, jerking off together and i could hardly believe i was doing this with my dad! The pleasure built and I started going faster, almost without thinking about it. My mind focused on this incredible feeling, and suddenly I let out a yell of pleasure as I came for the first proper time in my life.

My Dad kept going. Eventually he, too let out a moan and shot his stoies, all over his chest and up against his neck. We lay there for a few moments, panting in ecstasy. My teenage years were spent wanking. Some times my dad would lend a hand, so to speak. But i did it at least twice a day since storiew day with my dad. Storiew then when i was stiries me and Haory friend Alan fucked for the first time in the storkes at school. We fucked quite often, but i knew i didn't feel anything like the same lust and love i felt for my own father.

When me and him would wank together occasionally it was the horniest ive ever felt, I loved it. Eventually I came out to my dad. He was so accepting of it, but after that the jerk off sessions stopped. Then when I was 18, one night my dad was out at a bar cruising some girls and me and Alan were lying on my bed, cuddling after I had just sucked him off. It was ok, Alan had a good dick and we had fun together. I heard the door slam, knowing my dad was home with some girl and he would go fuck her without checking in on me. I hated this, each new girl he bought home disgusted me even more. I was wild with jealousy that they took for granted what I wanted so bad. I was surprised when my dad burst through my bedroom door.

He stank of alcohol and looked pissed, but all i could think was how utterly beautiful he looked.

Dad stories Hairy

He was wearing a Hairyy tank top which was so tight his storeis abs and pecs were showing through, and on top of that was a brown leather jacket and he wore faded, tight ripped jeans that made him look so completely irresistible. His long-ish brown hair was pushed back over his forehead, held in place by the sweat that was hanging in beads on his forehead and stained the front of his top. The veins in his temple were bulging and he was biting his army dog tags in his mouth, framed by rugged masculine stubble. He clutched a half empty bottle of whiskey by his side and he leaned against the door frame with one arm.

God, this man was adonis, he was so beautiful i felt a pang of longing in my stomach. It took me a second to realize he was drunkand angry. He raised the whiskey to take a sloppy swig and the dog tags clinked back onto his chest. Me and Alan sprang apart, and Alan fumbled with his flies and belt buckle.

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