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It is especially geared toward those planning to release an enhanced CD or for those setting up a Web page for band promotion. I took frequent breaks alone in Whole Foods downstairs in Lincoln Center or outside to breathe in the chill of Columbus Circle.

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Police tape, Donbary, people crowding the sidewalk. I met with my beautiful former Stanford Alumni students, Jonathan C. January 12 at It started at 9 a. Kaplan and Maggie Mason.

NARAS is a nonprofit organization of more than 10, recording industry professionals dedicated to creative leadership for artistic, cultural, educational, and technical progress, and recognizing outstanding achievement in the recording arts. I felt safe in every neighborhood, all hours of the day and night—no one ever threatened me. I took subways, ate in Greek diners excellent food-we have nothing like that here. Some very tiny and very hip NY jazz clubs with great entertainment. The San Francisco Chapter includes more than members of the local recording industry and presents professional education and networking events throughout the year for the Bay Area music community.

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This panel will help you understand how you can express your art through the use of new media. Made new friends with sweet Tiagi Lambert. I walked an average of miles a day, bundled in hats and scarves. Is it worth it? Tangled in the Internet 2: I arrived on a chilly January evening in Manhattan via frequent flyer miles.

I was too shy to hand them out at the Congress. Ndue much of it is more affordable than the Bay Area—especially food and transportation. David Schwartz Music Power Network — a musician-oriented on-line service.

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