Bisexual woman in the twenty first century

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health Resources: Bisexuals

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In addition to attending, you will be marked based on your contribution to the class. Arrive on time and prepared to demonstrate your knowledge of the readings during the class discussion. Each reading will have accompanying questions for reflection. These are intended to guide your reading, and direct your attention to the implications of what you have read.

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Answer them briefly, bring them to class for discussion, and pass them in at the end of class. Please limit your answers to one typewritten page. You will write reflective papers on two of the course units. The first reflection paper is due by week 4.

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The second is due by week 9. Papers must be two to three pages each. You will be asked hte choose one of the topics we have covered in this course identity development, bisexual geographies, etc. Papers must be no less than fifteen pages and no more than twenty. Papers are due on the last day of class.

Examples of plagiarism includes: Bisexual Epistemologies Week 1: Defining Bisexual Theory The class lecture will examine the emergence of bisexual theory, rwenty influences, its aims, and its key theorists. Have read the readings listed below before class. A Critical Reader, ed. Merl Storr New York: Routledge, Have read the readings below before class. Meyer and Mary E. Springer, Theories, Queries and Visions, ed. Harrington Press, A Call for a Critical Update.

Bisexual Politics Week 5: A Superior Form of Feminism? New Delhi, Cosmo,http: In an effort to achieve the widest possible historical, ceentury, and cultural scope, GLQ particularly seeks out new research into historical periods before the twentieth century, centuty non-Anglophone cultures, cemtury into the twwenty of those who have been marginalized by race, ethnicity, age, social class, body morphology, or sexual practice. Tweny notable feature is "The GLQ Archive," a special section featuring previously unpublished or unavailable primary materials that may serve as sources for future work in lesbian and gay studies.

The journal, like this organization, is committed to the advancement of knowledge in the areas of: J Journal of Bisexuality The Journal of Bisexuality is the first professional quarterly to publish both professional articles and serious essays on bisexuality and its meaning for the individual, the community, and society. The journal covers a wide range of topics on bisexuality including: The journal is intended for more than the academic audience. While researchers are published after a peer-review process, other sections of the journal cover bisexual topics in a more popular and nonacademic style.

Book and movie reviews cover bisexual lead characters from every era. Special thematic issues cover topics singularly, such as: Journal of Homosexuality The Journal of Homosexuality is devoted to scholarly research on homosexuality, including sexual practices and gender roles and their cultural, historical, interpersonal, and modern social contexts.

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