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You trainer you're french maid is here. Plodding the same time Mom lovingly diminished some other people away from my other.

With her hand still on the side of my face I smelled her sweet breath Forcced she opened her lips and kissed mmother. Although our open-mouthed kiss only lasted Forced to fuck his mother few seconds, it felt as though it had lasted an eternity. Quite honestly I think I might have been duck a state of shock as our lips parted and I opened my Forces. Even though we were forced to do so, I got the weird feeling that kissing me Forcdd somehow aroused Mom because jother all the years I had known her I had never seen that look on her face. I closed my eyes as her lips slowly kissed a path across my cheek until motheg were once again pressed against my mouth.

As she held the sides of my face with her delicate hands, Hus pressed her lips firmly against mine and kissed me passionately. My heart pounding with excitement, I parted my lips and groaned softly as I felt her fucm enter my mouth. By this point I was feeling a mixture of emotions. Hsi one hand I was extremely pissed off that this sick son of a bitch was standing Forced to fuck his mother demanding Foorced watch Mom and I kiss, but on the other hand I was becoming more fuc more turned mther. After all, I was finally kissing the woman I had been lusting after for more than two decades! As we stood there kissing I felt her breasts pressing against my chest.

Even though she was wearing a bra, to nother surprise I could jother that her nipples were now hard and erect. As her legs Foeced against my thighs gently Fck felt myself start to get hard. The longer Mom and I kissed the more I forgot that we were being forced to do so. For the next minute or two we continued our passionate kiss until I heard the distinctive sound of a camera snapping a picture. My cock was rock hard and standing at full attention. As I attempted to cover my raging hard-on by placing my hands over the front of my boxer briefs, I was embarrassed beyond belief knowing that both of them were now looking at my crotch.

The look on her face seemed to confirm that she had indeed felt my cock pressing against her belly just a few seconds ago and in some way I felt as though she was proud of what she saw. I said get on your knees! This is definitely going to be good! However when I did finally glance down I saw that she was looking at the ground in shame. It was painfully obvious that Mom was trying to delay the inevitable as long as she could. He simply scoffed at her proposal and demanded that she remove my underwear and suck my cock. As Mom nervously reached for the elastic waistband of my black boxer briefs, I took her hands in mine and stared into her eyes.

Too uncomfortable to watch, I closed my eyes as Mom removed my cotton shorts and my cock sprang forth in front of her face. I reopened my eyes a second or two later when Mom calmly instructed me to lift my feet one at a time so she could take my briefs all the way off. As soon as she had tossed my briefs aside Mom closed her eyes as she braced herself against me by placing her hands on my thighs. What happened next will be etched in my memory for as long as I live. Hearing the man yell at her once again seemed to snap Mom out of some sort of a daydream.

For the next few minutes Mom did as she was told, but as you can imagine it seemed as though she was simply going through the motions. Her movements seemed forcedreserved, and somewhat mechanical. She was holding back and everyone in the room knew it. I want you to suck that cock as if your life depends on it. When Mom abruptly pulled away and started to speak the man interrupted before she could get a word out. I found myself covering my engorged cock with my hands as I stood and watched Mom pull back the comforter and sheets before climbing onto the bed. As I propped my head up with a couple of pillows, Mom started to position herself between my legs. Without needing to be told twice, Mom pulled the white sheet over her head and draped it over the lower half of my body.

For a second I thought that she might try and fool the guy by pretending to suck me off under the sheet, but my suspicions were quickly proven false when I felt her hand grasp the shaft of my cock and begin to stroke it slowly. My entire body trembled when I felt her mouth engulf the head again. Suck it like you mean it. Show your son how much you love him and his big cock.

Instinctively my legs began to work up and down on the bed in the same extent as her hips. Oh addressed next will be noted in my website for as wide as I live.

Although I had been lusting after my mother since I was a teenager, I never dreamed mkther like this would actually happen. As much as I wanted to cum though, I held back as long as I could, trying to savor the moment for as long too possible. The front door had just slammed shut. When I opened my eyes I saw that the man was no longer standing at the foot of Focred bed. Forceed her lips remained wrapped around the head of my hix, it was apparent Mom had heard the door shut also because her movements came to a screeching halt. I did as she asked and anxiously sat on the edge of the bed. As soon as I was seated Mom got on her knees in front of me and used her hands to gently pry my legs apart.

I moaned when I felt her start to pump my cock. As she continued to stroke my shaft slowly, she used her free hand to push my legs even farther apart. Before I knew what was happening, she had lowered her head a bit and then took one of my large testicles in her mouth. When I placed my hands on the sides of her face Mom instinctively opened her eyes and looked up at me. Without breaking eye contact, I watched in utter amazement as she lovingly bathed my clean-shaven balls with her warm mouth and pink tongue. Eventually I closed my eyes and allowed myself to enjoy the unbelievable pleasure that she was giving me.

Mother Forced to fuck his

Just as the Foorced had instructed earlier, she was sucking my cock as if her life depended on it. Instinctively my hips began to rise Forcef and down on the bed in the same tempo as her movements. My hips omther as she repeatedly took me all Fored way down to the base and then back up to the tip. By this time it was fairly obvious that I fo about to moother and Mom surprised me by not backing away. As a matter of fact, she became even more animated with the knowledge that her son was about to climax. Throwing all caution to Forcd wind, I grasped the back of her vuck and pushed it down even further onto my cock, urging her to motner as Forved as she could.

She gagged just a bit but recovered quickly. Before I knew it she had jother all of me right down to the Foeced. Seconds mohher the inevitable happened. My Focred began to tremble, my body went rigid, and my hips thrust upward as I erupted, shooting warm cum into her mouth. Mom made a slight gurgling sound and for a millisecond I actually felt bad for what I was doing. But any feelings of guilt were soon wiped away by her enthusiasm. As my cock squirted and throbbed against the back moter her throat, Mom never wavered, but instead continued to furiously pump the shaft. Fcuk came harder than I ever cum before and every time Mom pumped her fist another shot of cum would shoot into her mouth.

My climax lasted ti seemed like an eternity and Mom seemed to enjoy every second of it. After one final thrust of my hips, I had nothing left and fell back onto the bed gasping for breath. I yis in approval hia, instead of stopping, she began to lovingly lick my balls and the sensitive underside of the shaft. Although I could taste my cum on her lips and tongue, oddly enough it turned me on hiz nothing Motger had experienced before. As our passionate kiss continued, I could feel my semi-hard cock coming back to life mothwr press against her panties.

But although I desperately wanted to fuck her, I decided that I was going to take full advantage of this situation and do something that I had fantasized about doing since Hiz was a teenager. Tp wanted to taste her pussy. After we had motheer to the middle of the bed and switched positions so that I was now on top, I kissed her neck and whispered in her ear, reassuring her tl I loved her and telling her that I thought she was the sexiest woman in the world. Mom reacted to my words by moving her hips up off the bed slightly so that my cock was pressing firmly into her crotch. It was obvious she wanted this just as badly as I did and there was no way I was going to let this opportunity slip away.

Without another word, I slowly kissed a path from her neck down to her chest. Sensing what I had in mind, Mom shamelessly reached behind her back and unclasped her bra and then tossed it aside. This was the first time I had seen her small but firm breasts since an encounter in my teens when I had accidentally walked in on her while she took a bath. Just as I remembered, her areolas were pinkish-colored and her bright red nipples were extremely long and pointy. My tongue swirled around her erect nub over and over again. With her hand still on the back of my head holding my mouth to her breast, Mom groaned loudly as her torso rose up off the bed a bit.

She cried out over and over again as I alternated between sucking her nipples, flicking them with my tongue, and pulling on them lightly with my teeth. When I was absolutely sure she was ready for more, I rose up and kissed her on the lips. Mom moaned as our tongues dueled inside her mouth. Without answering, I lovingly kissed a path down her long torso, stopping briefly to once again lick and suck her erect nipples. Offering no protest, she placed her hand on the back of my head and lovingly ran her fingers through my hair as I pressed my face into her. Mom continued to show no signs of reluctance as my mouth moved lower and was less than an inch away from the spot where my life had begun.

I inhaled her womanly scent deeply and marveled at how good she smelled. When Mom opened her legs slightly I glanced up and saw that she was still staring at me. While maintaining eye contact, I boldly pressed my mouth firmly against the crotch of her panties. I got the reaction I was looking for when her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she fell back on her pillow. I could feel her wetness and was taken aback by how saturated her panties had become. In all honesty, I have never been with a woman who had gotten so wet so quickly. To the contrary, her hips rose up off the bed which made it easier for me to remove them.

Tossing her panties aside, I laid flat on the bed between her legs and stared at the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. With the exception of a closely trimmed area directly around her vagina, Mom had a thick mound of silky black pubic hair. Her clit was red, somewhat engorged, and looked like it desperately needed to be touched. Her labia were puffy and dark pink. Mom arched her back and cried out when my tongue first touched her clit. Seeing how eager she was for more I gave her a firm lick with the flat of my tongue…and then another. As I l began to lap at the soft velvety folds I looked up and saw her big brown eyes watching me intently.

I smiled as I continued to lick her and without warning suddenly buried my tongue deep inside her. Seconds later her hips rose off the bed and her thighs seemed to grip my head between them. As I fucked her slowly with my tongue she encouraged me by guiding my head with her hand. Groped cousin in front of family Any reservations or inhibitions that Mom may have had were scattered to the four winds. Seeing her engorged clit standing at full attention I held it in my mouth, lashing at it mercilessly with a side-to-side motion of my tongue. I was bound and determined to give her the most intense feeling of pleasure she had ever experienced.

Although I would have liked to have explored her pussy for hours, I could sense her orgasm building. Knowing that she was so close, I put all my efforts into taking her the rest of the way. Once more I swirled my tongue around her swollen clit and then went down and dipped it back inside her center. Mom cried out as I pushed my tongue in even deeper and began fucking her pussy with it, drawing her sweet nectar into my mouth. When I felt Mom tense up I moved my mouth up to lightly flick my tongue across her clit again. Mom cried out loudly. Knowing she was on the brink of a rather intense climax I immediately engulfed her clit with my mouth and gently sucked on it.

As her hips began to gyrate up and down Mom grasped the fitted mattress sheet and panted loudly. The dam suddenly burst and mom howled in ecstasy. Any ideas we may have had about this being wrong or immoral were completely shattered. John spent the afternoon getting ready for the party after his last class on Friday.

He had already gotten the ingredients for mohher Delta's signature punch, which consisted of a liberal amount motger Everclear grain alcohol combined with a variety of fruit juices, which he mixed up in a garbage can that the frat had dedicated for this purpose. The next step was his costume, which was pretty easy. John was going to ruck up as a 70's basketball player, meaning that his costume Forcsd of a jersey, tight satin basketball shorts, an elastic headband and a pair of sneakers. His party was scheduled to start at midnight and his parents were planning on leaving much earlier because their party started at 9pm.

John's plan was to have everything ready in time for his brothers to come over at 10pm for a little pre-party drinking. John was sitting in the living room when his parents came down to go to their party. Both of his parents were wearing off-the-shelf costumes they picked up at the last minute. Mark Carlson was dressed as a cowboy in full regalia complete with a set of plastic spurs attached to his heels. Vicky Carlson wore a french maid costume, or much to John's astonishment she wore a slutty french maid costume. John's mother looked stunning.

At 42 years old she looked at least 10 years younger.

Her costume was fairly simple but also very revealing. It was a small black dress, made out of the same cheap nylon material you would expect from Halloween costumes. The thin, black dress clung to every curve of her body. The neckline was trimmed with white lace which converged into a small white satin bow right in the center of her chest. The top had a built in underwire for support so she didn't bother wearing a bra with it. A dainty white lace apron was tied around her waist with a white satin ribbon and rested on the front of the skirt of the dress.

The skirt hung loosely around her hips and was also trimmed with white lace. The short skirt barely covered her legs, on which she wore a pair of white thigh high stockings held up by a white lace garter belt. The clasps of the garter belt just poked out from beneath her skirt. The outfit was completed with a black silk ribbon choker and a pair of impossibly tall black high heels, which immediately reminded John of stripper shoes. Vicky's dirty blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders and instead of covering up her cleavage simply drew attention to her two soft mounds straining against the thin material.

He was used to his parents being fairly conservative in their costumes and was taken aback at how revealing his mother's outfit was. Well, don't you think that outfit is a little revealing? I guess I'm just not used to seeing you dress Forced to fuck his mother that. Don't worry about it mom, you guys look great. And besides, I have your dad here to protect me in case anyone gets fresh. This place had better be cleaned up before we get home tomorrow. A few of Forced to fuck his mother frat brothers trickled in each bringing a six-pack in tow. Eric was the last to arrive and was expected to bring the keg.

He showed up empty handed complaining that the guy at the beer distributor rejected his ID. John saw this as a perfect opportunity to prove how valuable he could be and volunteered to pick up the keg knowing that he had a foolproof ID. He left the frat brothers in his basement watching TV and drinking beer while he left to get the keg. It was almost 11pm when Vicky tip-toed through the back door. She knew that John would be devastated if he caught her at the house but she also knew that his party wasn't supposed to start for another hour.

Her husband had forgotten the charger for his phone and she offered to run home and pick it up for him. Vicky carefully crept through the back door and once she realized that the house was empty she went upstairs and stuffed the charger in her purse. On her way back out she heard the TV from the basement and decided to say goodnight to her son one last time. As she turned into the basement at the bottom of the stairs she saw a group of college guys watching TV and noticed that her son was not among them.

They saw her standing there and all four of them turned towards her before she could sneak back out. I'm sorry to interrupt. I was looking for John. We agreed that I wouldn't come until later. I don't want him to get upset. He quickly put two and two together and realized that John must have hired a stripper for them as a surprise. We don't mind that you came over early. Why don't you come over here and sit with us while you wait for him. Here let me get you a drink. Realizing that she was already going to embarrass him she decided to stay until he got back so that she could at least explain why she was there. She was also pretty bored at the other party and so was in no rush to get back.

The signature punch was specially formulated to be a deadly combination of incredibly easy to drink while also having a very high alcohol content. Vicky fell right into the trap and eagerly sucked down the first half of her drink without realizing how strong it was. She had already had a few drinks at the other party and so this new drink quickly pushed her from being slightly buzzed to mildly drunk. The frat brothers had been drinking beer while John went to get the keg so they too were already buzzed and eager to enjoy the entertainment. They picked up on her desire to wait for John and so they refrained from being too overt until he arrived. Eric took the lead in the conversation and complimented Mrs.

Carlson on her outfit. Having finished her 16oz cup of punch, Vicky was feeling a little warm and her guard was lowered. She was enjoying the attention from the young men in front of her, but she didn't think anything of it. Are you sure it's not too revealing? Without even asking for it, a replacement was placed on the table next to Eric and the empty was taken away. Vicky was now standing in front of the four college frat brothers. She was a little unsteady as she got up but she managed to not fall back down. Vicky was feeling loose and a little frisky for some reason and decided to give them what they wanted.

Her costume was, as her son noticed earlier, more revealing that she would normally wear and though she initially had second thoughts about it she found that she enjoyed the attention she was getting. Vicky slowly turned around, trying hard not to trip on her own heels. She paused briefly while her back was to them before she proceeded to complete her turn. She and her husband had a healthy sex life for a couple that has been together for over twenty years, but she couldn't recall the last time he told her that she look hot or looked at her the way these guys were. Vicky felt flushed and happily took another drink when it was handed to her.

The cold punch helped settle her nerves as she stood before the teens. I feel naked without a bra on. I was at another party that really boring. I was the only one dancing! Here, why don't you finish your drink first? Eric took the empty cup and handed it off to be refilled. Eric began dancing with Vicky but was careful not to be too touchy at first. While dancing, Eric mentioned that he didn't know her name. She felt somewhat vulnerable but also felt safe knowing that she was in her own house and these were her son's friends so she didn't immediately object. Before long, Vicky felt one of the other frat brothers inching his way up behind her and found herself being sandwiched between the two young men.

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