Kansas strip pit fishing regulations

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One of the world's largest power shovels, Big Brutus, was used in Cherokee County. It is now a museum with exhibits on coal mining and southeastern Kansas.

Strip mining leaves the land marked with deep ditches and high ridges. As the shovels removed the overburden, they created trenches up to feet rdgulations and as much as feet deep. Before widespread land reclamation was required inthis land was abandoned and left to grow back to trees and brush while the trenches filled with water. Inthe Kansas Legislature passed regulations requiring coal companies to reclaim the land. They're doing a great job.

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Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks KDWP now owns 14, acres of mined land area, comprised of 1, acres of water and 13, acres of land, located in parts of Cherokee, Crawford, and Labette counties. The property was acquired primarily by donation. The first land donation was received in The largest acquisition, totaling 8, acres was donated by the Pittsburg and Midway Coal Company to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks in All but 2, acres of the property was surface mined for coal during the s through The property is rugged country dotted with over 1, strip-mine lakes, steep-sided hills and dense vegetation.

Unmined areas consist of mature bottomland woodland and small crop fields. Native grass and some cool-season grasses dominate 4, acres of the property. The remaining 9, acres of land is comprised of bur oak, pin oak, walnut, hickory and hackberry with a thick understory of dogwood, green briar, honeysuckle, poison ivy and black berry. Species hunted include whitetail deer, eastern turkey, mourning dove, bobwhite quail, fox squirrel, cottontails and waterfowl. The geese can be viewed year-round. Rainbow trout are managed under a daily creel limit of five fish.

Strip fishing Kansas regulations pit

Anglers, 15 years and younger, can fish for and possess trout, but their daily creel is 2 per day. Directions to the Trout Pit Unit 30 are as follows: Brown trout Fair " Brown trout have been stocked in Unit 30 in the Trout Pit to provide an additional species and trophy opportunity for anglers. Please handle these small brown trout with care and release them immediately for the opportunity for these fish to grow and produce a quality fishery in the future. Brown trout tend to be more seclusive than rainbow trout, so early morning and evening hours will be your best bet. Try power bait, small spinners, spoons, flies, small crankbaits, worms, or corn.

Remember anglers -- Brown trout are managed under a inch minimum and 1 fish in the daily creel limit. Be sure to correctly identify the trout you have caught as a rainbow, or a brown trout.

Walleye Fair " Walleye have been stocked on the Mined Fihsing Wildlife Area in Units 7, 17, 20, 21, 22, 24, regulatkons, 33, 34, 39, 40, 41, and 44 to provide an additional species and angling opportunity on the wildlife area. The units and strip pits that have been stocked with walleye provide adequate habitat with deeper water and cooler water temperatures. Trolling and vertical jigging techniques will be a good technique to try. Stockings have occurred since

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