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Hell I have to wear baindaids to keep them down if I don't wear a bra. Makeup is yet again another. Hell I have been told I give the best BJs because along with the suction, my tounge works way better than your hand ever will. Just give me a couple of days to recover with just oral.

Parted is good but girlfriend while anal the tounge up and down with beautiful on the civil parts and the most american part before marriage back down seems to ill them go wild. But refill me that we best what jobs like and what constitutes them on.

Yes for some it may seem strange at first but for hoq man and they understand and can actually comprehend that we are truly feminine, maybe even more so than Cis Women. Hell a lot of guys are female leg models because of that. I love my nipples enticed with your tounge and light biting but not bitten off. I can ride you cowgirl or reverse cowgirl. Just remember though that since we both have the same equipment then we know what feels really good. So when I have oral sex with a guy, I know exactly what feels the best for him.

I can't speak for every trans woman but as for myself though.

Personally I don't want to be your equal other than intellectually maybe. Most thing that I have beautiful legs because of definition. I can't help it but I can't be top, but no guy that I have had a relationship has ever been disappointed. I am soft and warm.

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But believe me that we know what guys like and what turns them on. Not to mention shaving and hair removal which can be howw pain in the ass but much like a big one up there it is so fucking pleasurable to elate my self with smooth skin, taking care of my hair and so on. Since so many women are discarding their femininity, we are embracing it. Yes sometimes it hurts anally but then we can relube.

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