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These are meant to hold shin guards securely in place and should be worn anytime you practice or play.

Grave, it's an important, fast-paced discerning that's evans of fun to work. Mouthguards are presented for all soccer girls.

Choose a pair of shoes with molded cleats or ribbed soles. Goals should be securely anchored to the ground, and goal posts should be well padded to decrease the risk of injuries to goalies and players who collide with the posts. Injuries and even deaths have occurred from nets falling onto players. Store extra balls and equipment well off to the sides of the field before you start a game. If you are injured or feel pain while playing, ask to come out of the game, and don't start playing again until the pain goes away.

A good shin guard will mold to the shin, end just below the knee, and fit snugly around the ankle bone.

teenw If soccer players get lower leg injuries, it's usually because they weren't protected with adequate shin guards. It's different from traditional "static" stretching because the stretch position is not held. Never climb on a goal or hang from the crossbar. Collisions with other players can cause bruises and even concussions.

For teens Soccer

If you have any piercings or jewelry, be sure to remove them before playing. Heading the ball can injure your head and neck if you don't do it properly. Playing through pain might seem like a brave thing to do, but it can increase the severity of an injury and possibly keep you on the sidelines for longer stretches of time. But soccer is a contact sport, and injuries are bound to happen.

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