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Indonesia 'anti-LGBT abuses' fuel HIV cases: Human Rights Watch

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In a leshian where de facto relationships are neither legally nor religiously recognised, marriage offers the only path for couples wishing to live together and have children. It is seen as the only arena in which sex is acceptable. Historically, Indonesian women generally married young - before 19 years of age - and had children soon afterwards. Both Islam and traditional Indonesian values place significant emphasis on marriage, to the extent that marriage is expected for all and by all.

Marital status reflects not only upon the individual but upon the family as well. If a young man or woman fails to marry, it shames the family and can be viewed as a sign of disrespect for the parents. It is widely taken to mean that you must respect your parents if you intend to enter heaven, for their happiness is your happiness, and their sorrow is your sorrow. For many lesbians, reconciling their sexuality with their desire to make their parents happy seems almost impossible. If they do not marry a man, they worry that they are failing to fulfil their role as dutiful daughters. Since coming out, some have lost all contact with their parents; others have been pressed into accepting an arranged marriage.

After coming out to her parents at 17, she ran away from home after her family began physically abusing her. Only 15 years later did she begin communicating with them again. She now says she is considering marrying a gay male friend. I made a promise with a gay friend, but when the time came to get married, I realised he was still sleeping with lots of men, so I was worried. In the end, we decided not to marry. Not all parents can be taught to understand. Mimy and Fi dated for 8 months, but Mimy broke up because Fi was abusive.

Fi kept trying to contact Mimy, however. In some of her short stories, readers find depictions of unhappy marriages and lesbian characters who hide their identities to conform to the heterosexual norms.

Lesbian stories Indonesia

Some other post-reformasi, Indonesian, female writers, like Nova Riyanti Yusuf and Fira Basuki, also have minor characters who are queer in their novels. When it comes to non-fiction, it has been a slightly lesvian story. Almost six years before Fa, notable gay activist Dede Oetomo published a collection of personal essays and reflections, Memberi Suara Pada yang Bisu Giving Voices to the Silenced depicting his journey to embracing his gay identity and activism beginning in the s. As McGlynn argues in the introduction, despite the intolerance faced by LGBT people in the country, this volume portrayed various queer characters who embrace their sexual and gender identity and actively resist bowing to the heteronormative values society demands.

Another interesting thing about this book is that it features both queer and non-queer authors.

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Most of the diverse mainstream literary works mentioned so far represent only upper-middle class and literate LGBT Indonesians who are familiar with Western pop-culture and constantly seeking acceptance of their sexual identities. Therefore, fashion-brands, shopping malls, gay clubs and bars, pop-divas Indonesia lesbian stories travel culture are common themes in these texts. These preoccupations are also central themes in Gentlemen Prefer Asians. Yuska Lutfi Tuanakotta writes of studying Fine Art in the US and living a life of bar hopping with his closest gay friends. He dumps his loyal Indonesian boyfriend before moving to San Francisco and marrying an American. Many Indonesians have to hide their sexuality but Tuanakotta's homosexuality is accepted by his family.

His mother still thinks it a bit peculiar for her son to have a male spouse. Tuanakotta interweaves themes of sexuality, national belonging, identity, race, and the story of his personal relationships. Through the lives of his closest gay, Indonesian friends we see that migrating to the west does not always fulfill their desire for acceptance.

In 63 short chapters, Tuanakotta chronicles his relationships with stoies former Asian boyfriend, the Baker, storles subsequent white boyfriends, the Pilot and the Musician. But he also tells the story of his friendships with gay Indonesians, Ario and Jaya, who are married to white men. Jaya ended his receptionist career in a hotel in Bali after rescuing a rich Jewish gay man flagging in the heat. They later marry and his husband takes him home to a huge Malibu mansion. The process of following the journey of these three main protagonists is disturbed by the fact that the structure, of multiple short chapters, does not work smoothly.

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