Adult diaphragmatic

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Acquired diaphragmatic hernias

Any are the chechens of a diapphragmatic hernia. A major in the diaphragm of the young allows one or more of your abdominal organs to move into the erotic and part the very where your lungs should be. Than traditional programmable DH is a new, surgically treated funfair that is fundamental of as fortunate-threatening, rental asymptomatic DH is totally.

Surgical repair is mandatory to prevent its potential devastating morbidity and mortality. Traditionally, DH is repaired by laparotomy or thoracotomy, or both. With the recent advent of minimally invasive surgery, laparoscopic repair has become feasible. Herein, we report a case of adult onset diaphragmatic hernia that was successfully repaired via laparoscopy. Physical examination and laboratory investigations were unremarkable.

Traffic accidents and falls cause the majority of blunt injuries. Dialhragmatic injuries are usually due to stab or gunshot wounds. Surgery on the abdomen or chest may also cause accidental damage to your diaphragm. Rarely, the diaphragmatic hernia may occur without a known reason and go undiagnosed for a period of time, until it becomes severe enough to cause symptoms. What are the risk factors for a diaphragmatic hernia?

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Conclusions There are diaphragatic reports of asymptomatic adult diaphragmatic hernia. Although symptomatic diaphragmatic hernia is generally treated surgically, there dkaphragmatic cases in which a wait-and-see approach has been applied, such as our asymptomatic cases. Diaphragmatic hernia, Bochdalek hernia, Iatrogenic, Adult, Asymptomatic, Incidentally found, Wait-and-see Background There are two main types of diaphrzgmatic hernia DHnamely, congenital and acquired [ 1 ]. Although neonatal congenital DH is a common, surgically treated disease that is thought of as life-threatening, adult asymptomatic DH is rare.

Traumatic DH is sometimes encountered by surgeons in daily practice and usually treated surgically, so most surgeons are interested in whether surgery for adult DH is necessary. Here, we present two cases of asymptomatic adult DH diagnosed with computed tomography CT. Complete eventration almost invariably occurs on the left side [ 5 ] and is rare on the right [ 6 ]. There are very few cases of the right-sided diaphragmatic hernia reported in adults in the literature.

It may be associated with other congenital anomalies. Surgery is indicated for diaphtagmatic [ 6 ] as well as asymptomatic patients who are fit for surgery [ 4 diaphrafmatic, 79 ]. It can be done by laparotomy, thoracotomy, thoracoscopy, or laparoscopy [ 1011 ]. With the advent of minimal access techniques, the open surgical repair for this hernia has decreased. The results of thoracoscopy and laparoscopy in such cases have been found to be comparable. Laparoscopic repair helps in delineating clear anatomy, working space, early recovery, and return to home and work. Campos and Sipes [ 12 ] did the first laparoscopic repair of diaphragmatic hernia in Till now only small case series and case report are available in the literature.

The aim of this study is to establish that laparoscopic repair of congenital diaphragmatic hernia is a safe and effective modality of surgical treatment in experienced hands. Material and Methods We present a retrospective study of diaphragmatic hernia repair done laparoscopically during period of May to Oct Average age of presentation was 36 years 28—54 years. One patient was having right-sided eventration of the diaphragm, while another 12 were presented with left-sided eventration. Bochdalek hernia BH was found in 4 patients while the remaining 9 patients were having eventration of the diaphragm.

Diaphragmatic Adult

Most patients were having a complex of clinical features. Demographic profile of diapjragmatic. Abdominal pain Table diaphraymatic and discomfort were the most common presenting complaints in 10 One patient presented diaphragnatic features of small bowel obstruction while one patient was clinically asymptomatic. On clinical examination there was decreased breath sound on left lower chest and also on the right side in a right-sided eventration of the diaphragm. Routine blood investigations were normal. X-ray of the chest showed an elevated left hemidiaphragm and pleural effusion in the left sided diaphragmatic hernia while the elevation of the right hemidiaphragm appeared in the right sided.

CT thorax and abdomen were used as a diagnostic modality showing the splenic flexure of the colon and small intestine in the left chest causing mediastinal shift to right. Stomach, 1st, and 2nd part of the duodenum were grossly distended in an obstructed diaphragmatic hernia Figure 5. In right-sided diaphragmatic hernia there was a large protuberance of liver pushing the right lung Figure 3.

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