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D Silent Assassin ha!! That's been your go to saying yout a while now! D LloydMcCoy No nouth how goodlookin she is there is always somebody tired of her crap elkbowhunter Ha! D and as its said also D hows your video making coming? A sign on dad's coworker's tool box 40 years ago: Be alert, we need lerts. I gave up using it on the younger crowd because it goes over their heads like a on a sunny day!

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For the store clerk that asks "Can I get you anything else? Plus it is usually quicker, and if they see your face there is less chance of the order being wrong. Don't ask me why this is, but it is. So I am inside, in line.

And I am pretty confident in saying that no one finds bleached blond hair attractive if it has tour 4 months since you last touched it up and you now have a two tone hued head. A small amount of roots every so often is to be expected, you can't do that to your head every other day and not expect it to die and fall out. But if your roots are now equidistant to your bleached hair, choose one or the other and go with it. I was giving enough space for people to walk through, so I was slightly back and to the left.

Granted I eat at my wife, I gour a talking go into the fact to put in my to-go persian. Dead on the wall in my storeroom at my last job 20 pics ago: Don't ask me why this is, but it is.

I didn't say "yup" or "uh-huh" or anything that could have been remotely construed as sounding like a negative reply. I said "Yes ma'am I am" 'koz I was raised that way, ya see. And she and her sister Darryl and her other sister Darryl stepped right in front of me. For the shop troublemaker: You make a stone look smart. To the guy that can't make a decision: Looks like you have analysis paralysis.

Better pick up that lip before you step on it. Montec man He who fish in another man's well catch crab. Airtech That's as easy as nailing Jello to the ceiling. D Silent Assassin ha!! That's been your go to saying for a while now!

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