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Whenever I'm at the local supermarket, I always look lesgians see who's buying the plastic wrap and wonder if it will wind up in the bedroom or kitchen. Am I right to think this is incredably ignorant? As for what is safe and not safe, the same rules apply. Any advice about what is "safe" and what is not?

Lesbians Toy

The exact incidence is difficult to determine, due to other possible risky behaviors intravenous drug use, unprotected sex with men, etc. The authors suggest the infection occurred via sharing these sex toys. We do know that female-to-female sexual practices are generally associated with lower risk of HIV transmissionbut cases such as the one published above have been reported. She tested positive before we got together and has always been honest with me about it.

I am in love and we practice the safest sex we know, but are frustrated about the facts. The genotype of her newly acquired virus was strikingly similar to her HIV-positive partner's viral genotype. I went to get tested I'm neg and the woman at the clinic basically told me that lesbians don't transmit HIV to other women. The couple's sexual practices included sharing sex toys and oral sex. Alternatively, plastic wrap is more readily available than dental dams, has essentially no rubbery taste, and has the added benefit of being see-through!

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