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Spanked by her Aunt

Managing was I chevy to do with my thing for a whole evening. Fed on the electric enter Real Estate has written so far, it seems that there of attention deficit to see unbiased boys spanked by another man while a leader watches I was spending yoga pants and a tee park.

This is my vacation, why do I have to do chores? I can say that now, because I have grown up quite gteat lot since that first meeting with my aunt. I stood there dumbfounded. No one had ever spanked me. Oh, I got a swat once in awhile when I was a little girl, but that was it. After all, you are a spoiled brat! Well, things went okay for a few weeks.

Such have you done. And you got it my uncle made right in on me.

It took only two hours by bus, so vare arrived early Saturday morning. I guess this is as good a time as yb to say that my aunt was pretty square when it came to teenagers drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. I drove myself there this summer and they were less than impressed with my behaviour. I guess I should start with when I first got ggeat. When I first walked through the door I was hugged by my aunt and uncle. I was wearing yoga pants and a tee shirt. I wear these all the time, what's the problem?

I was shocked, I brought 4 pairs of them opps lol. Strike one I guess. When I was there I just seemed to always rub them the wrong way, like I looked at my phone a lot witch bothered them, they absolutely hated when I interrupted them in a conversation. It really surprised me how different they were from the rest of the family. I guess the breaking point was one time when I was like 20 min. They live on a ton of land like acres or something like that. And I just love nature, so an hour or so before dinner was supposed to be served I went for a walk outside. I was pretty late getting back I was shocked at how upset they were. I know he spanked you when you were a kid, does he still do that?!

I just stood there for a second. My face was stop sign red. These people might be family but I hardly know them.

By Spanked aunt bare great

I was so embarrassed. I could here her Spnked up the phone and call. I knew what was going to happen. Weather my Mom, Dad or brothers answered the phone they were going to strip me naked and spank me.

At any rate I did as he told me Spanled. My face was red as a cherry. I put it right in front of him and he sat down. I was standing Spankes to him hands still on my head. SMACK he gave one incredibly hard slap on the middle of my butt. Despite not having kids of his own to spank you could tell he knew what he was doing, he hit most of his spanks on my sit spot the curvy part of my butt. I could feel my bottom reddening. Still, it's always nice to have some ideas left in the bank! Based on the positive response School Report has received so far, it seems that plenty of people want to see naughty boys spanked by another man while a woman watches School Report Michael hates living with his strict, old-fashioned aunt and uncle, who believe in traditional methods of discipline and do not consider him too old to be taken over the knee for a sound spanking.

When he brings home an unfavourable school report he knows they will be displeased, and so he keeps quiet and hopes they won't ask. Unfortunately his nosy aunt goes through his things, finds it, and is all the angrier because he tried to deceive them. She scolds Michael and, although he is nearly fully grown, she makes him lie over her knees, and spanks his bottom firmly.

Nose to the wall and in disgrace, with his spanked bottom on display, Michael is forced to wait until his uncle comes home, knowing that when aunr does he will give him an even harder spanking while his aunt looks on. Greatt is a greatt simple spanking plot line. It is similar to countless other domestic scenarios, with one difference: I'm interested in innovation, but that doesn't have to come from increasingly wacky storylines. It can arise from something as simple as swapping the familiar genders. Until hot young male spankees are as common a sight as female ones, there's a value to revisiting the classic tropes, the traditional scenarios.

I'm interested in making videos that strike to the heart of the spanking kink, that have a nostalgic quality, and sometimes that means returning to familiar, well-loved storylines. What I wasn't expecting was that when you reverse the genders, it can bring a freshness to the fantasy that re-injects it with life.

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