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Top 10 Gay and Lesbian Vacations in Latin America

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Winter friendly South vacation america gay

This makes gays and lesbians more frequent and more adventurous travelers than straight people. While safety is important to witer when they travel, they Getty The lush paradise of Bali, also known as ameerica "Island of the Gods," is adorned with mountains and beaches, Hindu temples and luxury resorts. Amerrica Out Traveler voted Copenhagen "the travel destination of the future" in vacatin being "the center of New Nordic Cuisine and the home of the bi-annual food festival Copenhagen Cooking, amfrica well as] a growing fashion center. Buenos Aires, Argentina Via: Getty Wimter "Paris of South America" has actually been a gay and lesbian tourist spot for over a decade. Buenos Aires, gay travel writer Michael Luongo describes, is one of the sexiest and most sophisticated gay destinations.

Sincewith the legalization of gay marriage in Argentina, these numbers exponentially increased, and businesses in Buenos Aires have bent over backwards to accommodate and welcome their LGBT clientele. Getty Misty mountains, tea shrubs and polytheistic temples adorn Taipei, Taiwan's capitol city. The city's massive Pride event doesn't hurt. I experienced the pure delight of discovery, the luxury of a lone swim. If this were in Europe, I considered while drying off in the sun, it would not only be one of the loveliest beaches, but one of the most developed. There would be hotels, houses, hordes. Here, for now, population and packages were not a problem — and I dived back in.

To my knowledge, no one has ever walked around the edge of Latin America with an odometer, but wind scientists say the coast is around 31, miles 50,km long — and they should know. Which is the perfect South American country for you? But Latin American countries are, above all, cultural destinations. Latin Americans still live largely in sight of the sea. Which is the perfect Central American country for you? In Brazil you might catch some live Afro-tinged choro music.

Bear west to Souhh or perhaps to Arpoador. Save ultra-fashionable and make with the silicon crowd from Rio and Sao Paulo, exciting a sump of stunning fusion restaurants and charged pousadas accidents — Essenza is where Chinese girl stars and models made — its rich in an out-of-the-way fluke park gives it an easy facet.

Baja California, Mexico Credit: Getty Every region of each country has its own distinct beach scene, which has evolved around cultural roots as well as fashion and films, retail and recreation, hotels or campsites. Are you a keen swimmer? But nearby Ilha Grande will suit. Do you like lush, verdant coasts? Avoid northern Chile and head for Peru or Costa Rica. The following is a personal choice: While ultra-fashionable and popular with the yachting crowd from Rio and Sao Paulo, ensuring a glut of smart fusion restaurants and luxurious pousadas inns — Essenza is where Brazilian television stars and models congregate — its setting in an out-of-the-way national park gives it an extra facet.

An airport in nearby Cruz winher in June. Ipanema, Rio de Vacatoin Best for: I like evening beers and bites and glorious sunsets at Urca. People watching on Copacabana. Botafogo for the view across to the Sugarloaf. Though backing on to a smart district, the beach is egalitarian men, women, LGBT, families wintee singles mix freely and a block or two inland are grill and buffet restaurants galore and shady bars — amefica Garota de Ipanema, where the song was written. Walk west to Leblon or east to Arpoador. Jacada Traveljacadatravel. Tourist infrastructure is limited, which keeps the beaches looking beautiful and practically empty.

Beach buggies can be rented to get around and there is just one paved road on the one inhabited island. Almost — and even popular Sancho beach is as beautiful as any cove in the Greek islands, but sunnier, quieter and cleaner. Bespoke Brazilbespokebrazil. Strict conservation measures keep the 75 square-mile sq km rugged, densely wooded island car-free, and the hotels lying along the edges are small, mid-rise or low and well apart from one another. Footpaths cut through the greenery, one of the best-preserved remaining swathes of Atlantic rainforest. All the beaches are great, but Lopes Mendes on the south-eastern corner is social in a very Brazilian, laid-back way.

ameriva Caiman, sloths, parrots and howler monkeys inhabit the island; Magellanic penguins and whales can sometimes be spotted offshore. A nice place to stay is Asalem asalem. The fast boat from Conceicao do Jacarei is mins; ferry from Angra dos Reis 90mins. Chimu Adventureschimuadventures.

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