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Vintage Mill

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If you cut the number of teeth in half," he says, "you can run the blade with a lot less power. When he removes the sawmill blade, he puts the bottom end of the hoist into the piece of pipe that is welded to the mill frame and swings the end of the hoist over the center of the saw blade. He unrolls the handcranked hoist to extend the cable so it will go to the bottom of the saw blade and puts the cable loop around a bottom tooth. At the top, directly over the blade's center, he attaches a small C-clamp with the hoist cable going through it. Then he cranks the cable until it is taut enough to take the weight off the shaft, removes the nut and swings the blade off and away from the saw.

Each must be removed and replaced in sequence, one by one. And the tension on the holders changes after the blade has been used. In the meantime he uses his Case to drag logs from the woods. He runs the mill with a Case LA but ultimately will use the I don't think it will even slow down with a big log. The whole idea of the sawmill was to clear out trees. When I get enough wood cut, I want to build a log cabin in the woods behind my house. Starting up an antique sawmill On an antique sawmill, "dogs" atop the head blocks are used to hold the log in place while sawing. Farquhar mills have a unique dog system. While most other mills of the era feature Knight dogs with weighted levers holding the log, the Farquhar dogs have easier-to-manage, adjustable levers.

I like the Farquhar dog: You can release it when you are sawing a big log a lot more easily. Then, adjust the head blocks to match the length of the log. If the log has a split, correct positioning is important to minimize the number of boards affected. Next, set the taper or position a block behind the log on one end to get the log in the proper position. Saw until there is a good flat on the log if the log is too large, saw in as far as possible until the saw no longer protrudes from the top. Then turn the log back, away from the saw degrees, allowing the blade to cut farther in.

There is some waste with large logs in that method. Finally, turn the sawed portion down on the carriage, enabling the saw to extend yet farther in. Dave Pence, His only qualifications were 50 years of timber cutting and sawmilling. I've got a pretty good idea of how to build things. And I thought, 'Well, golly. Maybe about 66, 67, I finished my logging work. I was logging for another mill and I thought 'No, I'll build another sawmill. I'll go ahead and build it. It's unbelievable that someone could sit down - with a school ruler, mind you, a 30 centimetre wooden school ruler - and drew everything to scale.

In 3D so that he knew everything would pass and rotate without getting caught on another cog or another piece of the machinery before he started building it. Ralph Affleck's from a timber family.

His father was timber man. He grew up in a timber town. I was only years-old when I started in the timber industry. I was driving a steam log winder, for winding logs before crawler tractors became popular, winding them out of the scrubs and then my father, who was a sawmiller, decided that he'd build another sawmill. I suppose I would be about maybe 19 when the mill was built. And I'm 84 now, so it's been quite a long time. How many fingers have you got and how many toes? I've got nine toes and I've got ten fingers. I chopped one off with a pinch-bar one time. Went straight through the top of me boot, my brand-new boots.

Vintage Saw mill

Ivntage went, 'My God! What a stupid thing to do! Now Sad ruined a pair of new boots. I must have bruised that toe. Hearing about Ralph's many near-misses leaves you wondering how he's mil, for so long and why he didn't bintage at But he had a long-held dream of building his own mill, something he could run solo without the hassle of employees, gintage him to work vibtage he felt like it. There are one-man portable mills about, but they can't cut the timber the way he wants. They're entirely different method of doing it.

This way, it's a conventional - just like a conventional old-time steam sawmill that I've updated. Fortunately, I knew the sawmilling side and I knew what a piece of timber will do naturally for itself. When you cut it, it will do all sorts of funny things. If you know what that's going to do, you can design the machinery to accommodate that. Once he finalised the design, he went scavenging, haunting second-hand yards for years. I've got a brake - a big worm drive thing here out of the brake of a bullock wagon, way back before the s.

There's lots of pieces in here out of an old steam engine. There's a Republic truck, a diff out of it, there's a gearbox out of a Mack and all that type of thing and another gearbox out of an old Chrysler. They all lend themselves to what you're going to make. I believe there's even some parts that you got from a plane? Yes, there's four - six hydraulic cylinders here out of Canberra bombers. There's two of them operate that big log lifter up there. And there was a firm in Brisbane sold army and air force disposal stuff - bits and pieces out of everything, even army tank engines, aircraft engines - you name it, they sold them.

Now I've intimidating a forum of new people. I don't go it will even more down with a big log.

There are things in it that I didn't vintagd right, because, let's face it, the fellow who's never made a mistake, he's never made anything. A Leyland engine, just like the one from an old wartime tank which powered his dad's mill for years. It'd been sitting in a crane, a disused crane at Wanless's wrecking yard in Brisbane. It's been there for years and years and years. I brought it home, she fired first one up and I've never put a screwdriver on it. And I've been running there now in the mill for 13 years. With all these levers, Ralph can run the mill on his own. Tony Pearson is in awe of Ralph.

My jaw dropped on the ground to start with. Very impressed and I knew from the first moment that this guy was special.

In my lifetime, I've met quite a number of - or sought out quite a number of old folk with talents like this, but Ralph just tops the lot. We all worry about him - not so much being in the mill, but when he goes up the back onto the Queensland border and cuts trees and then hooking them up to the skidder and bringing them down, that is a very dangerous game. Would you hope that at 84 he'd have given it away?

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