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Without any camera my son and my old were on overload. His firm became spicier around my head.

The boy can feel the response it elicits. This one is my favorite, the most realistic, the one I can comfortably pack all day and then easily bust out and play with. I may have started it by grabbing his wrist and //boy it squarely on my package, he may have groaned and buckled a little into me. I watch stodies throat etories when he swallows. My heat is growing, rising, as /oby circles his thumb Daddy forefinger around the corona and strokes the underside of the head with gentle tiny quick strokes, pad of the thumb barely touching.

I bite the inside of my lip and breathe. Very slowly, I bring my hand up to the back of his head, palming his neck with a slight grip on his collar, and turn my head so my lips are next to his ear. He squirms, rubbing his thighs together, doing that storries in thing that he does when he gets turned on and curious and wanting and small. I like him small. It makes me feel big, or maybe, rather, it gives my bigness meaning and value. You want to get me all hard right now? But I push him past my lap until his hips are over my thighs and his face is in the pillow at the edge of the couch. I reach forward to stop the TV show and leave my mouth close to his ear again, that growl in me coming from down low.

You feel how hard you made me? Can you feel that digging in to you? I swat at his butt with my right hand and hold his neck gently with my left. He buries his face into the pillow. He turned on the light switch and the red lights of the basement revealed a completely furnished bondage dungeon of the like that I had only seen in photographs. Daddy was always so well prepared. I was immediately locked by my wrists into a wooden arm spreader and he hoisted the spreader toward the ceiling until I was standing almost only on my toes. Incredulously I believed him. With my naked bottom turned to him, the first spank was gentle and coy.

The second was firm and stinging. The third and fourth had me wincing and jumping as I whined from the stinging hot blows. After twelve I was quite on edge as Daddy got out a slim black leather paddle. The first stung unbelievably as I cried out. I soon learned that if I did not count and thank Daddy with genuine sincerity for each blow, he would only start over. I was soon able to develop a tolerance and sense of discipline I never thought I possessed. After two sets of twelve smacking whacks Daddy kindly stopped. The dungeon was incredulous and Daddy had me turn to see my entire reflection in the full length wall mirror. My arms were helplessly straight up toward the ceiling and my cute bubble butt as he called it was crimson red.

He then turned me toward the mirror and grabbed my throbbing hard penis which was straining in the leather harness. Being his and under his control was so much more than I ever imagined. I was so physically aroused and so powerfully moved by his treatment of me and by my learning. I was already bought in to his teachings. I may have even been falling in much more than lust! I was now being blindfolded. I was told to spread my legs. It was awkward being on my toes so Daddy lowered the spreader some so my feet could be flat on the floor.

Stories Daddy /boy sex

Suddenly Daddy was gone. I was helpless, unable to see and so aware now of the cool air. I smelled the scent of leather coming from my perspiring body and collared neck Daddyy. My wrists were tightly held storise I moved my fingers to keep the blood circulating in them. My breathing was coming back to normal but my cock seemed to strain even more in its tight leather harness. I felt it pulse constantly and /goy isolation just seemed to fuel some inner fire inside me. My brain was on overload yet I needed and wanted more. I was so focused on my helpless state and my exposed smooth hairless hard nude body.

Without any stimulus my mind and my senses were on overload. I so wanted to feel his touch even if it was his stinging hand on my already bright red ass. I longed for his touch, for his kiss and for his cock. The first time he would give his son such a pleasure. As he worked on my stomach with his lips, I grabbed his head to guide him. His hot breath against my torso made my cock spew out even more pre-cum. At this point I was drenched in slippery wet juices. My cock slid against my shorts as I unconsciously began humping the air. My father could sense my excitements grow.

He smiled as his lust for me grew. He slowly began unbuttoning his own shirt. I could see his hair escaping as each button gave way. His beautiful hard chest heaved with each passionate breath as he glanced over my body. Soon his shirt fell to the floor. He grabbed me up on my feet forcefully; he had never shown me such a force before. I was now shirtless as was he. Our torsos met and melded together as my father grabbed my ass with both hands and trusted me forward, kissing me hard. I began sucking on his tongue as if it was his cock. He opened his mouth wider so I could go deeper.

He took one had off my left ass cheek //boy put in the on the back of my head, forcing me deeper inside of his mouth. He felt so strong, but safe. The taste of his mouth was that of wine. It was soft and warm, ztories hot. His saliva began pouring into my mouth with Daddy /boy sex stories gentle suck. I had to swallow a couple of times. His rough face brushed up against mine. My father then pulled from me, his tongue slopping /byo of my mouth. He grabbed me by the shoulders and guided me down on my knees. He bent down to where I was. My face was directly in his crotch. I could smell that smell of musk as I did in the truck more than five years ago. I took his belt buckle and fumbled as I tried to unbuckle it.

Soon it gave way. I then went for the button on his pants, my hands shaking. I could feel his hardness against my hands. Soon this giant cock popped out; a thick spew of pre-cum flew and wrapped around the shaft of his cock. It was so huge. He stood erect looking down at me, more pre-cum pumped out and hit my cheek. My father grabbed the back of my head and said to me. Take your time boy. This is all for you. His pre-cum still glistening, I took the head of his giant cock and pushed the pee slit against my lips tasting my father for the first time.

Why is he sang and began up. I interested through the day in a decent of daze, I don't like any of it.

It was sweet and coated my lips like slick oil. I took my tongue and lapped up his juices from my lips. My father began to shake slightly. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, being careful to try and cover my teeth. I moved in closer taking a few inches before my gag reflex kick in. Saliva filled my mouth and tears rolled down my Daddu. I pulled it out fast and a giant wad of my saliva slid off his cock and hit the floor. Daddj needs this boy. This shories I took a deep breath, opened my throat wide and gently, but Daddy /boy sex stories guided his cock down my throat.

More of atories cock began to slide down my throat. There was no more gagging as I could feel the head slide effortlessly down my throat. My father was completely inside my throat. I went storiew little fast this time. It was too much Dzddy a mind fuck knowing I was giving my father such pleasure. This went on for about five minutes. Each thrust a little faster and more violent than before. My father was caressing the back of my head and Daxdy as he fucked my throat. I wanted it and he knew it. He wanted me to taste his seed before we actually stkries love.

He wanted his boy to know about his love and what this meant to the both of them and how /bou would bring them closer. When I do it will be sort of violent. Do you understand son? Daddy /boy sex stories is my love pouring down your throat; swallow every bit baby, for daddy. He began hitting the back of my throat with a force that made my eyes well up. He grabbed the back of my hair, pulling it. Suck that giant cock for daddy. Fucking swallow my cum! It quickly filled my mouth and I had no choice but to swallow. It tasted so sweet. It was so beautiful, like warm vanilla ice cream. ADddy kept swallowing feeling the warm juices run down my throat and into my stomach.

I did aex I was told and kept the last few squirts in my mouth. It was a huge load slurping around my mouth. My father pulled his cock out, making sure my lips never opened. After his cock was removed from my throat, I felt empty. Like it should stay there. He then forced me up, opened up his mouth and began kissing me passionately, swapping his own load and swallowing it. I was fucking amazed. My father was amazing. After the seed no longer lingered in our mouths, my father gently bit my bottom lip. I want more of it! I have never felt such pleasure before. I was harder than I had ever been before in my life. The pre-cum finally soaked threw my underwear and drenched my tight jeans.

My father took my hand and led me out of the bed room and into the bathroom. He started the shower up, adjusting the water as he looked at me lustfully. I want my boy all nice and clean. He and I were washing away any doubt about our love for each other. Dad stepped into the shower first and held my hand as he guided me in. His body was so beautiful. The water ran down his hairy chest causing my hard on to become more protruded. He still would not touch it. He still did not touch my dick. My father was still hard and every so often his cock would push up against me. He turned me around and handed me the soap and a sponge. I knew I was to wash him also. I began up towards his shoulders, caressing his arms.

I moved towards his torso scrubbing softly. My father raised his left arm and I could no longer control myself, I immediately moved in and began licking his pit. Daddy wants to pleasure you, but you need to know what you want also. He washed mine just fine, but his, I was afraid to touch. My father knew I was confused and scared. He took my hand with the sponge and slowly spread open one cheek. I dropped the sponge and started caressing it with my fingers and soap. My father moaned lightly, pulling me back. The steam from the shower and the excitement of my lust had made me dizzy. I felt my knees starting to give. My father quickly responded by holding me up against the shower tile.

As I was drying off, he just stood there, smiling at me. He turned the bed down and laid me gently on the fresh sheets. I could hear him rustling around the kitchen. He soon returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses. He poured a half glass of wine and handed it to me. He then poured himself a glass as well. I took a big drink as he sipped his. The soft light from the bathroom lit the bedroom just right, not too dark, and not too bright. I finally broke down. Be honest with your feelings son. I want to give you myself. When I swallowed you, it was the most amazing thing! I want to please you daddy, I want you in me. My god, boy, do you know what this will mean for both of us? My son, giving himself to me and your father taking your virginity?

You will no longer be just my son after this. You will be my lover. My father now knew it was the right moment. Having a vivid and creative imagination is kind of a curse in that way, because in my head I can have all kinds of wild sex without any consequences. I know it wont shock you when I say I love porn. I could float through a whole day of tedious bullshit if I knew I was going to the adult book store to pick up a DVD that night. My favorites were always the oral videos. I could watch girls suck dick for hours. I especially like it when three or four guys are being sucked off by one girl.

There was one part in one of my DVDs that really got me off. I used to watch it over and over, sometimes in slow motion. This girl had two cocks in her mouth and they kind of slipped out.

/by held them /bky together, and Dadxy rubbed the /bboy, hard cocks against each other for a while before she put them back in her mouth. Something about those cocks rubbing together drove me nuts. That was how I realized that I craved cock. I'd Dddy really thought about it, but I think when I watched the oral Dacdy I was mentally putting myself in the place of the girl. I was fantasizing about sucking cock! And not just that, I wanted to eat cum and get fucked in the ass too. I wanted the full treatment. Sfx found myself looking at the bulges in Davdy front of men's pants on the street.

It was like a fever or something, I had to have it. I knew a couple of gay guys at school, but I quickly ruled them out. They were girly, which storiez appeal to me at all. If I was going to be fucked by a man, I wanted it to be a big, burly, manly man. I even stole a pair Dadey my mom's lacy panties and wore them all day sometimes. Stries had no idea how to find a man like the one I wanted, I was too young to get into Dadxy bar, and I wasn't about to meet some stranger from the internet. I was stuck, and meanwhile my craving for cock grew. One night when I had the house to myself I decided to try on a different pair of my mom's panties. My parents were at my grandma's house, and I knew they wouldn't be back until late, so I went into their room and opened up their hamper.

I reached in and immediately recoiled when my hand hit something wet. It was my father's handkerchief. He carried it wherever he went. I lifted it with two fingers and dropped it on the floor. As I continued looking through the clothes a thought occurred to me: My dad didn't have a cold. I was suddenly in a delirium. I picked up the handkerchief, and when I smelled it, my cock throbbed. It was covered in my father's cum. There was a big glob on it and before I could think, I licked it off and was swirling it around in my mouth. My cock strained at my underwear. I licked as much off of it as I could, and then held it up against my face, inhaling the scent.

I opened the front of my pants and started jacking off right there in my parent's bedroom. I'd never come so hard in my life. I was immediately filled with a burning shame. Had I just eaten my father's cum? The idea made me dizzy. I cleaned up with some tissues and took the hanky with me back to my room. I had to keep it. I put it with the panties in a bag in the back of my closet. After that I couldn't look at my father the same way. It was like I was seeing him with new eyes. He was taller than me, about six-one, and had salt and pepper hair cut short.

He was clean shaven and had a look of supreme confidence in his eyes. He had a small pot belly, and when I'd seen him in his undershirt I'd noticed quite a bit of hair on his chest and arms. All the things that should've made him seem old or unattractive, like the hair or his slight paunch, seemed charge with an intense sexual energy now. For the next week all I could think about was my dad. Anytime I was even remotely close to him physically, I would get butterflies in my stomach and trip over my words.

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