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METHODS A systematic review [ 1617181920 ] was conducted investigating the association between cosmetic breast augmentation and suicide risk and the characteristics of the breast augmentation female patient and their relation with suicide. Our data collection period was from January until February The review included prospect cohort studies, retrospective cohort studies, randomized clinical trials, case-control studies clinical trials and excluded systematic reviews. Our review grouped the identified studies in 3 different categories based on their investigation subject: We excluded studies that evaluated the usage of breast implants for reconstructive purposes, studies that evaluated general cosmetic surgery rather than cosmetic breast augmentation and studies that included breast augmentation in men.

Database was collected from: Further studies were yielded from the reference lists used in the identified articles. After exporting the data, we evaluated them based on the scientific question and exclusion criteria. Evaluation of each result separately was followed and studies were organized according to the degree of similarity among them and reference tables were created. The results were incorporated to pre-existing suicide risk models of the general population and a modified suicide risk model was created for the female cosmetic augmentation mammaplasty candidate. RESULTS Our literature search identified 7 epidemiological cohort studies addressing the issue of cosmetic breast augmentation and suicide, which are presented in chronological order in Table 1 [ 3456789 ].

This demonstrates available data such as the follow up period, the age and the outcome after cosmetic breast augmentation. Late-generation models of silicone gel-filled prostheses.

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Today, there are two types of breast implants commonly used for mammaplastybreast reconstructionand breast augmentation bteast Saline implants[ edit ] The saline breast implant—filled with saline solution biological-concentration salt water 0. The contemporary models of saline breast implant are manufactured with thicker, room-temperature vulcanized RTV breat made of a silicone elastomer. The study In vitro Deflation of Pre-filled Saline Breast Implants reported that the rates of deflation filler leakage of the pre-filled saline breast implant made it a second-choice prosthesis for corrective breast surgery. FDA's restriction against the implantation of silicone-filled breast implants outside of clinical studies.

Saline breast implants have enjoyed little popularity in the rest of the world, possessing negligible market share. The first recorded surgeries for breast enlargement involved the use of paraffin wax. It was not universally a failure—it sometimes resulted in enlarged, hard breasts, but more often the result was potentially deadly infections and lumpy breasts. However, the procedure continued to be in demand until an alternative was developed.

Enhancer 2006 breast

During the 20s and 30s fat transplantation was attempted. Lumps of fat were removed from enhancef abdomen, buttocks, or elsewhere, and placed in the breasts. Because the procedure gave good initial results and seemed to have lower risks than paraffin wax, it became more popular. But does she really want to risk another cancer and more surgeries? And what about healthy women who go under the knife willingly? Stop, take a breath and understand the real risks and the possible complications. These types of implants don't leak if they are punctured or cut. About 1 out of saline implants ruptures each year. This testing can cost more than getting the implants, and it may not be covered by insurance.

Also keep in mind that: Breast implants will not keep the breasts from sagging as a result of future pregnancy, weight gain or loss, or aging.

Implants cause lasting changes in the breast tissue and skin. If you later have the implants removed, your breasts may have permanent wrinkles, dimples, or other changes. Insurance will not cover the cost of breast enlargement surgery. It may not cover the costs of treatment for problems during or after surgery or the costs of future surgeries to remove or replace the implants. Check with your insurance company to find out what is covered. Also ask if getting breast implants will affect how much you pay for your insurance. Breast cancer screening after surgery Breast implants may cause problems during mammography. Having implants may make it harder to find abnormal breast tissue or breast cancer.

Scarring and calcium deposits around the implant may look like cancerous tissue. This may make the mammogram harder to interpret.

The present article describes these complications, which were predominantly implant site adverse events, and their subsequent management. Prophylactic antibiotics were not used before injection of Macrolane. There were two cases of suspected infection that improved after a course of intravenous antibiotics, while a third woman with symptoms of infection required more extensive treatment. This woman received 30 mL of Macrolane in each breast, followed by an additional 30 mL seven days later.

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