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Levitra offers promise in treating premature, delayed and failed ejaculations.

Premature Ejaculation PDE5 inhibitors relax erectile tissues so that they can receive more blood, which results in plasure erections. Men who have psychological problems worrying about sustaining erections often rush to orgasm, so Levitra helps. Men can continue longer, which also helps mitigate the effects of premature orgasms. Better control allows men to pace themselves better, which often reduces instances of premature ejaculation.

Retrograde Ejaculation Retrograde ejaculation occurs when sperm is discharged into the bladder instead of the urethra. A medication that induces a retrograde ejaculation is treatable by discontinuing the medication. Delayed Orgasms Harder erections strengthen sensitivity and pleasure, so many patients with retarded orgasms achieve them faster when getting better blood flow to the penis. My friends have a few cautionary tales, though. One says Viagra stops him from sleeping properly.

Increase Viagra pleasure levitra

Another complains of a blue haze affecting his vision whenever he takes it. And my friend Rahul once found it an embarrassing inconvenience. I decide to investigate. Viagra was initially designed as a heart drug, but clinical trials showed it was no more effective than cheaper medicines already on the market. When Pfizer tried to abandon the trial, the male patients refused to stop taking it. It was only then that the side effect that has made Viagra famous was discovered. Dr Graham Jackson, a consultant cardiologist at Guy's hospital, was part of the original research team when Pfizer developed Viagra.

He explains that there are actually three different drugs on the market: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Levitra and Viagra work in about an hour and last around six hours, but Cialis takes two hours to work and lasts up to 48 hours. Nothing much would happen if someone without erectile dysfunction took Viagra, although they might think they feel better, psychologically. But it would make a difference if you took it along with other drugs. Cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, alcohol, nicotine, crystal meth - they all can cause erection problems. Viagra dilates the blood vessels and allows blood to flow into the penis when these drugs are stopping it.

Pfizer set up a female sexual dysfunction unit a few years ago, comparing Viagra in women to a placebo, but the study had to be stopped because 85 per cent of the women responded to the placebo. It seems that even the very idea of Viagra is enough to make some women aroused. I'm surprised when he tells me Viagra could even make certain illegal drugs safer: And in a funny way, Viagra can actually help a cocaine user, because it does the opposite thing to the blood vessels. They should get their drugs from a doctor and be evaluated. But for most young people, taking Viagra won't do any harm.

Nothing much would happen. A review of 46 articles on phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor abuse was published in the journal Current Drug Abuse Reviews in One reason cited for abuse was easy access to ED drugs. A search for Internet drug stores found over six million hits at 7, Internet pharmacies.

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Only 4 percent of the sites were in proper compliance, according to the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites program. Another concern with getting ED drugs at online pharmacies is that the drugs may be fake, contaminated, expired, ineffective, or unsafe to use. Even if you have ED, you can potentially misuse a phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor and increase cardiovascular risks if you: Also take medications for chest pain called nitrates Have active coronary heart disease.

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