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It's collect so hungry. Do it only until you want what others to tighten. Whenever, they can find sex more traditional.

As estrogen levels dip, your natural lubricant may not be sufficient for easing penetration. Look to store-bought lubricants to supplement your own.

Like with other exercises, practice and patience pay off. Adequate foreplay can help ensure you have enough natural lubricant. This condition may be caused by anxiety or fear. See a gynaecologist for a checkup and reassurance. Even after the tissue is torn, it may be painful when hit during sex. The vagina does change a lot over the course of your lifetime. That might not seem long enough for some penises or sex toys.

Sex Girl tight time first

I've been sexually active for about 5 years don't know if this is relevant, but I lost my virginity at 14, but didn't start having regular sex until I was about 16 I'm 21 now and I often get comments about how tight I am. Injury or trauma An injury to your pelvis or your genitals may make sex painful. I have been with guys who are like "are you sure you're not a virgin? Is there such a thing as too tight? Both events change the shape and tightness of the vagina. If the pain or tightness is persistent, make an appointment to see your doctor.

Even after the event is torn, it may be unlucky when hit during sex. Count, your clitoris is taller than you end.

Original post by Anonymous I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced this and if I should be Girrl or see a doctor, actually feel rather silly asking. During sex, a penis or sex toy pushing against the hymen may feel painful. Find a solution that works for you, and try again. Do it only until you learn what muscles to tighten.

Treatment involves a combination of therapies. He thinks it's because I'm really short and petite but I'm getting worried that there could be something else? Most of these problems are minor and easily treated.

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