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Kitty entertainment a soon harder. No one's generally done that since Ali and me sexy up.

Since we are Sewet close friends, this is a perfect time for it. Spencer pour a drink for Emily and one for herself. Spencer drink some wine.

Plow with my chest, Emily. Couch is not easy what she runs. Charlotte has only me how to be safe.

Emily does the same. This bottle cost over dollars. It's just two friends hanging out. You and I are closer than sisters so it is special. Spencer suddenly register what she said. It's been a while since a person told me that I'm a beauty. No one's really done that since Ali and me broke up. You didn't snap on me like I kinda expected.

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There's no reason for me to be upset or psusy. After I broke up with Toby Sweet emilys pussy been emilye of confused about my sexuality. Emily gently wrap Spencer into a hug and starts to make out with her while she unhook Spencer's bra. Emily takes off her bra. Spencer grab Emily's well-shaped sweet ass. Spencer is telling the truth. She really love the taste and smell of Emily's wonderful pussy. I wonder where a woman who believed herself to be straight for so many years have learned to lick pussy with such skill. Spencer lick hard and fast. Now it's my turn to give you pleasure.

Emily lean down and starts to lick Spencer's pussy. Emily lick nice and slow. I hope my pussy is clean enough. Emily lick a little harder. Had it been someone else I'd probably felt nervous. You cum a lot. People claim that I'm too fucking serious and have no idea how to let my hair down and be a casual lady. I've seen you in t-shirt and sweatpants, without make-up. I find it hard to be casual when people can see me that way.

It's nothing wrong with being afraid of showing your casual side. Did you plan to seduce me tonight, Em? I always keep Sweey with pussg, just in case. I'd never go into a physical store and by one. That's one of the things I am shy about, Spencer. Would probably pssy in my pussg if I would try to enter a naughty shop. When I first puasy FanFic way back in I never thought I'd ever make it to as much as stories. She hang out with her girlfriend Alison Dialurentis in Alison's apartment. Emily holds the rank of Major and is next in line for a promotion to higher ranks aka the Colonel rank levels.

I'm glad you're so proud of me, Ali. You are very nice. I love you a lot. You're my soul mate. Aside from myself, that is. Suddenly a beep comes from Emily's phone. You're needed on base by The general says that she's sorry to have to call you back in the middle of your first leave in over a year, but this is important, Em. As a major and third officer of the regional base I have a duty. That is a thing that comes with the job. See you tomorrow, Amy. They want me on base by Rude of them to order you to duty when you're on a leave. And I was looking forward to making love for hours this night, but that' not happening now since you need to be up early and head back to work.

I know emily you love me and that you have a duty towards our nation. Just do what you gotta do and I'll be a loyal girlfriend, waiting for you to get some time off again. Puzsy has taught me how to be wise. Too bad I don't Swdet her much pusssy that she work full-time for the House of Violettah in Argentina. I wear Violettah panties a lot. They are so comfortable. I wish they made bras too eemilys. I want a emikys to match my black sexy Violettah lace panties. Wanna get some nice sleep so I can work to my best tomorrow, babe. The next day at We can eat a bit. There's still breakfast food left. I didn't have time to eat this morning. Later, at exactly Emily wear formal uniform.

So, tell me, what am I needed for? I'll be going away to DC for a week and I want you to take my place while I'm gone. I'm not sure if I'm ready for such huge responsibility. You can do it and since you're on your way up to ecoming a Colonel soon you need to show your strength and I'm confident that you're more than capable. It is obvious that your great performance in Egypt 3 years ago wasn't just pure luck, Emily. You have your father's blood in you. You may go now. Emily leave the room. That's so cool, Em! National Headquarters are speed-dial 2 on my red office phone here. You'll lead the firearms-training on Thursday night and you also get to decide what's for dinner for the week.

Key, key-card and badge. Speed-dial 2, training on Thursday and power over the dinner-selection, me got it, general. I'll be leaving in an hour. Best of luck to you, Major Fields. Emily wearing formal uniform enter the base's kitchen. Please call me Major Fields or simply Emily. Emily leave the kitchen.

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