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Every orientation, body type, and ethnicity is tastefully represented by a studio or director somewhere in the world. Judging the entirety of porn on its mainstream output, however, is like judging all films by the latest Hollywood blockbusters: He is a dude that helps and guides the Tenno as well and he appears in both The Second Dream and The War Within lore quests, the later giving him a very important role. It is sex as an athletic feat, a visual fantasy. There are entire studios devoted to porn flicks about couples in committed relationships.

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Oprn won't say anymore so I don't spoil it to you: I always thought that Tenshin is quite the badass by fighting toe to toe with us even though we are a freaking warframe and he is just a guy with a weird looking helmet. Like any other fiction, it should be seen as entertainment. So much that the moment I saw people saying "where's umbra" during the stream I was just like "nibba screw umbra, this is much more amazing". Porn is a business, and not all of its employees are happy. I think you actually need to re-install the game like, right now, because I'm pretty sure you'll need to complete TWW to be able to get the Open World part of the game.

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There are excellent, sex-positive pieces of pornography out there. What do we gain by writing the whole endeavour off as taboo? Originally posted by Diogenes:

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