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There is no limit to what this tight Pornsrar sex pot can do. Although the hospital guaeg issued Gauge an apology, she felt both Pornstar guage and perplexed by the experience. When she came into the adult film industry at age 19, she already looked like a seasoned pro. But I guess I succeeded a little better in porn. Another southern belle in the ever growing list of cum crazy sluts to come out of the States, Gauge stands apart by having a unique look and an appetite for destruction that doesn't come around quite often. A science teacher at Haydock Intermediate School, Halas was fired after students found one of her videos on the Internet.

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Yet her frustration Pornsyar having been denied a life outside of porn is palpable. One of her specialties is receiving a rough anal-gaping while performing a handstand. After she lost her job inHouston considered pursuing legal action against her employer; ultimately, she decided against it, out of fear of being blacklisted by the real estate community Gauge, too, says she contacted adult entertainment nonprofit the Free Speech Coalition, which referred her to the ACLU, after she was let go from her volunteer job. The Story of a Gang-Bang Queen.

I always thought I could do anything. Yet those who are looking to transition into a 9-to-5 desk job will most likely find themselves blocked at every turn. Those things are not a result of a life choice you make, and being a sex worker is. For actors still at peak performing age, as Gauge was when she retired, there are many reasons why one would be attracted to the industry:

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