Vintage banana tea pot

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Tea Set - Teapots

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It's time for the Best Post Contest! Vijtage by Fantastic flag! Create a category, make a post, join the fun! Silver Teapot Analysis Paralysis December 6, 4: I know, to a first approximation, zilch about antiques, vintage, teapots, or silver. I'm not looking for a lost treasure by a famous master or anything like that, I just want it to look nice in that sort of old English ornate way, not be broken, and be made of silver. To clarify it doesn't have to be old, just look like an old teapot.

These are about the right style, especially the last on that page. I think, based on Googling, that I want solid silver and not plate but that's all I know. I'm in NYC and I have a budget of up to a few hundred dollars for the right one. Really all I want is the teapot itself but if there's some unbeatable value I'll find room for the rest of a service. It's for Christmas but we don't take it too seriously so if it just won't arrive by then it's not a deal breaker. The only place that immediately comes to mind is Michael C. They have a whole collection of Estate Silver on their basement level.

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The ads will usually indicate whether they are selling silver. My Grandmother amassed quite the collection that way. If by set you mean cups, saucers, the works then no, I wouldn't have space to keep it anywhere accessable and what's the point of Vintwge. I've seen "tea services" on ebay that are basically a tray, a tea and coffee pot and I guess milk and sugar bowls. That I could cram somewhere. I'll try that store you mentioned next week. There is plenty more, I did not look at offerings on eBay. If you want genuine antique e. Can be learnt from books, but beware fakes. Real silver will be heavy!

Even though silver prices have been off the past 6 weeks or so, there are no "values" to be had unless you are really walking the markets, know your stuff, and can spend the money.

Tea pot banana Vintage

Tea pots are heavy and carry a premium on the value of the silver because they are in fashion and difficult to keep in good condition. What you want to do, if all you want is a tea pot don't care about age, make, etc. Keep this in mind: Pawnshops, antique dealers, etc. Whatever you pay above that, and you will pay way, way above that, is for the non-intrinsic aspects of the piece. When you find one you like, take it's price and ask it's weight and do the math. Today I want to share some tricks for making this nightly ritual easy, fast and tasty. Start by saving banana peels.

Cut off the stem which usually has plastic bits attached to it and discard. Rinse the rest of the peel well. I keep tda in a jar in the refrigerator but left too long they WILL go bad, so the freezer is another perfectly suitable option. It keeps in the fridge for a week or longer and can either be reheated or enjoyed cold. And I do think it tastes better cold. Once the tea has simmered, I let it cool and transfer to a glass jar to store in the refrigerator. What was once a nightly task has turned into a once-a-week prep. A few important notes — Many people find great relief with this tea. But some may experience nausea or diarrhea.

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