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Who better to pour in their deepest sexual fantasies into a sex cartoon than nerds. Now, we are not saying that thanks to nerds we have a collection of these awesome videos. However, we are saying that animations are so awesome and the story lines are so addictive because a part of that nerd adventurism is poured and instilled into these cartoons. As far as the story line goes, they are amazing. They are very intricate and you actually want to see what's gonna happen to the main character. That is the best part about it. Pick one and run wild with it The cartoons that are filled with sexual refferences and actual sex scenes are made in Japan. There is no doubt about it.

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What can't be done in regular porn can be done in animated porn and this is it. Anything that a mind can muster but is way too dirty to do in real porn is legal in an animation. There are no limites and there are no boundaries. That's why so many adore these sexual juggernauts.

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