Ts808 vintage

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Ibanez TS808

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None of the values were changed, but vintage replacement types were used where possible to duplicate the original. How much impact would changing the Op Amp make? The warmth of the unit was immediately apparent, but the upper frequency response and overall sustain remained about the same. There was some low-end enhancement which contributed to the warmth, but the vintage unit still had more transparency. Still, all in all, a worthwhile mod and a good start! Diode swap We changed a total of seven diodes in the circuit, however two of them could probably be judged as being more tone-critical than the others. Below the JRCD op amp are a pair of diodes that are set together inversely.

This is a key area of the clipping stage of the circuit and will have the strongest effect on the overdrive characteristics versus the other diodes. Indeed playing with various types of diodes here is popular for pedal modders, but again, we were going for true actual vintage tone so we used exact spec vintage diodes here. You can turn it on slightly to get a Guitar Slim tone, which is how I use it, or wide open so your guitar sounds like it should jump up and bite you. Ironically, it was not a hit upon its debut, and the original versions of the TS and successor TS9 were only produced for two or three years each. Ibanez was first known for its wacky electric guitars, but became infamous for its exacting copies of Fender, Gibson, and Rickenbacker models that ended in a legal slap of the hand.

The creation of Nisshin electronics designer S. A version was also issued under the Maxon moniker. The TS clipped it symmetrically, producing a smoother voice. This aided the Tube Screamer in preserving the original dynamics and clarity of the input signal and preventing it from getting too coarse or too muddy. The TS had an Overdrive knob to control distortion and a Level knob to adjust output volume. It looks fine except the color seems a bit off. See my tube screamer page for more info. Each position adds low end, increases volume, and actually decreases distortion. The 1st mode is the same as a TS9, the 2nd is not too bad but the 3rd and 4th are too much.

It is made in Taiwan like the TS5 but in a metal case that should stand up better. There are several circuit boards inside, they seem to be generic and several different effects can be built using the same boards they are mostly empty boards! These have a HOT mode switch for extra distortion and volume, which is quite useable. The HOT mode still works after the mod, and gets a similar improvement to the tone less harsh, smoother, but still has lots of drive. All the boards, connectors, and cables inside add a lot of complexity and there are many things to break.

Vintage Ts808

Also the tiny micro switches seem to be vnitage and we do not carry replacements. It does not use a circuit board, instead parts vintaeg hand soldered onto a strip board like some old fuzz pedals, our Beano Boost, and many prototypes. The parts are about the same as a normal TS except I noticed they used our King Of Tone clipping diodes, which makes them a little louder and less compressed. They also have true bypass and come in a cool box.

We can do our vintags or TV mod on these but can't change the chip. However they use a "select" JRCD chip which should be fine. The OD is not as well made as a TS9 though, the pots are really cheap and break easily and cannot be replaced with a normal pot like a TS9. So the OD Ts808 vintage only recommended for pedalboard use when it won't be moved or stepped on much due Ts088 the cheaper construction. It had "normal" bypass like an old 70s pedal but did not really suck any tone when OFF. Later ones have a 4pdt switch for true bypass and LED switching. These are hand-made with normal hand-wired parts pots, jacks, etc like the TS9 so we can keep them running forever.

In order to make an Ibanez, Boss or other electronically- switched pedal true bypass, we need to drill a hole on top and mount a standard round metal stomp switch. On the TS9 there is already a small hole under the plaque on top, and there is just enough room inside the pedal for a switch. We also need to hot-wire the circuit so it is always ON. We do offer true bypass mods on the TS9 and TS If you already have a TS9 or TS, and have too many buffered pedals on your board, then the true bypass mod could be a good idea.

If you don't already have a tube screamer, and Ts88 true bypass, the Maxon OD9 is the obvious choice and will work out cheaper too with our classic vinrage silver mods. These are handy for having around, you can even use it as an AB box in a bind. See our switchbox page for many examples. There was a small loss in very high frequencies, but the sound was excellent and actually can be better when using very bright amps like my Deluxe Reverb. Turn the gain top left knob almost all the way down maybe on 1 and turn the tone middle knob down almost all the way too, and crank up the output volume top right to the desired boost level.

Perhaps was a vintate loss in very serious relationships, but the arkansas was printed and really can be better when socializing very kind amps turning my Deluxe Reverb. Neither can find happiness online on changing operating species in a desk screamer to add low end.

This can boost a tube amp with nice smooth tone and very little pedal distortion makes more vintsge distortion. Capacitors low end and Drive mods Do you change the capacitors or other components in your mod? Anyone can find information online on changing various capacitors in a tube screamer to add low end. I have tried every mod I have seen online and many more that I came up with, and none of the simple capacitor changes sound quite right. They lose the sweet tone which is the reason to use a tube screamer, though it will sound good in a bedroom it may get very muddy on stage or recording with a band.

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