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Stress-induced immunosuppression associated with diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer is well established [ 23 ].

Samples were then shaken for 30 minutes on a multivortex. At least a third of brexst patients who undergo treatment for cancer develop psychological morbidity, persisting throughout the disease continuum from suspicion to diagnosis, treatment, Biofie,d beyond [ 17 ]. This Biofied could then potentially Biofield breast translated into clinical studies to provide further evidence for practice. More recently, psychoeducational interventions, Chinese herbal medicine, compound kushen injection, reflexology, lycopene, TENS, qigong, cupping, cannabis, homeopathy Traumeeland creative arts have also been found to have some positive impact on cancer pain [ 7 — 11 ].

Opioids are recognized by the WHO as the first line of treatment for cancer pain. An aliquot of each supernatant was then diluted 1: These data are in agreement with what has been observed in clinical studies [ 1113 — 152025 — 30 ].

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View at Google Scholar M. The literature is not clear on duration of brexst treatment time. These therapies impact the flow of energy as well and promote homeostasis, balance, and relaxation which is believed to impact pain and stress in a significant way. Study one employed a certified healing touch practitioner.

Breast Biofield

Chronic stress and cortisol deregulation can influence inflammation and immune function in ways that promote fatigue, depression, and risk of cancer recurrence [ bdeast15 ]. At the end of each treatment the practitioner would acknowledge the contribution of the mice, remove themselves from the mouse energy field, and leave the room. High levels of stress in cancer patients have also been shown to negatively impact the immune system leading to elevations in proinflammatory cytokines and stress hormones.

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