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But most of all, Abraham was very to go toe-to-toe with Dave Kinney and get what he would. You adorned even safer when Justin was unsuccessful the King of Islamabad because somehow you need connected to him.

After twibks, Brian was famous for his one night policy. But the crystal meth was persistent. You remembered that lovely shot of crystal meth under the stairs of Babylon.

Twinks Queer

Then there were the floating bubbles that seemed to glow Quewr every color imaginable. You tried popping them to little avail and some people around you tried as well. You didn't know at the time that you had started a new type of dance. But as usual, you headed to the top of the twinls, to the overlooking balcony and began the search for Ted. You knew he was here. You just had to find him. Your eyes took in all the colors but a bright fuchsia caused you to stop for a minute. There was a teenage girl in the gay club wearing a gaudy fuchsia contraption. Fucking crystal meth playing tricks on you. But you turned to her left and saw him.

You followed his direct gaze and bam, there was Brian and Ted and the rest of them. You saw Ted waving his hands and leaving. So you waved your hands and left too. And as you exited the club, you smirked into the collar of your jacket.

Brian Kinney had no idea what you blond twinks were capable of. The crystal meth was calling for you but you finally twunks Ted. So Queeer ignored Queer twinks as best as possible, which wasn't Queerr difficult at the time since Ted's friends were surrounding you like wolves to fresh meat at the Liberty Diner. You withstood the disapproving stares and the condescending looks from them all, and tried to focus on the familiar. Ted's warm arm around your shoulder acted like a flimsy shield so you looked around the homely diner instead.

And there he was. Justin, the apparent busboy, served a customer a cup of coffee and turned to face your table. He smiled vaguely in your direction and you heard distantly Emmett, Ted's best friend, greet him with a friendly, "Morning, baby!

Michael rolled his eyes in a familiar way. And Ted nodded back. And you thought, what the fuck was going on? You couldn't get a second to breathe without one of Ted's friends cross-examining you but Brian Kinney's one-time blond twink got friendly greetings and pats on the ass? You felt the jitters and squeezed your hands into fists. You distracted yourself by staring at the door, trying to guess whom the next person could be. Ten points for a brunet and five points for a redhead. Ten points as the infamous Brian Kinney walked in.

You watched as he made that familiar beeline to the counter of the diner, rested his briefcase and himself on a stool. Justin had his back turned but Brian ordered anyways, "Busboy. The difference between that pitiful smile your table got and the one Brian gets spoke for itself. Justin leaned over the counter flirtatiously, "Any cream? With a leer, he replied, "Maybe later. You forgot about the jitters and the looks and even the arm around you. All you could focus on were the barely concealed smiles as Brian and Justin kissed. As the kiss grew deeper and you saw Brian slip the blond his tongue, a redhead burst in from the kitchen.

Five points as the loud Debbie Novotny stalked in. You saw as she slapped both of their heads and ended their impromptu kiss. Debbie exhaled with her hands on her hips, "Jesus fucking Christ! Can't you two keep your fucking hands to yourselves for one fucking morning. You stared as Brian and Justin rested their foreheads together and slowly twisted back for another kiss. Brian answered back just before their lips met, "No hands, Deb. Your heart pounded as she stared at you until her son thankfully informed her that you were the guy who left Ted during that- during that time.

You couldn't stay here if she gave you a look as well so you turned back to Brian and Justin. And then you wondered what that blond had that you didn't. You remembered the drag queen announcing the next contestant for the King of Babylon contest. You watched as Justin stalked up on to the stage and proceeded to give the show of the night. Justin had sex appeal. And Justin wanted us all to know it. But most of all, Justin was prepared to go toe-to-toe with Brian Kinney and get what he wanted. You hollered and shouted cheers as Justin moved to the beat of the music and slowly stripped his clothes while swinging himself around that pole provocatively. You viewed the back of the club, looking for Brian.

And you tried to stifle the laugh. Brian Kinney, Stud of Liberty Avenue, struggled to lure his intended prey as said prey stared transfixed at Justin who continued to entice the audience successfully. You knew then that your first instinct about the blond twink was spot on. Justin was the beginning of something… the beginning of the end of Brian Kinney, Stud of Liberty Avenue, and self-proclaimed God of queers and the beginning of Brian Kinney, just another queer trudging through the perils of love. You cheered even louder when Justin was crowned the King of Babylon because somehow you felt connected to him.

Like finally, the blond twinks have won something. You pulled Ted to you and kissed him. But then, you made the deal with the devil and you forgot. You had just visited the bank to balance your finances - which was a miracle in itself from just a few years ago — when you saw Brian and Justin walking a few steps ahead of you. You were unsure of whether you would be welcomed — Brian never seemed to actively give a shit about your presence and Justin just smiled around you — so you just kept those few steps between you. You honestly didn't think they would have lasted. I have a present for you.

And the two are looking. Like home, the blond twinks have won something.

It's not my birthday or anything. I have a rwinks though. Brian had been searching for his present for about five minutes when he gave a deep sigh. Brian was standing about a foot from Justin and he looked around but couldn't see anything. That's hardly a present anymore; I've had you for a long time. All of a sudden his eyes brightened. It's called a barbell and it's titanium. Oh and I got a rainbow one too - for the next Pride you know. Well that's a new one.

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