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Such a declaration would be an assertion of what the trust wants us to sign up to, representing a wish that 'multiculturalism' be recognised as the UK's base-line ideology. If place becomes the key to politics in a heterogenous society, then it becomes critical to look after it. In the past, they have called for a new, culturally-inclusive approach, emphasising 'citizenship' and 'civic duty' rather than the laissez-faire 'multiculturalism'. It claims globalisation and increasing immigration make this inevitable.

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Being British was to belong to a superior ruling nationality. Yet multiculturalism is not an innocent term, neutrally implying that races and cultures cohabit together. The UK is already a society of many cultures. The missing link here is to environmental politics. But it is vital to nurture the place people want to belong to, whatever their race or creed.

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Indeed, the suggestion in last week's Runnymede Trust report that 'Britishness' connotes racism is absurd, an attempt to wring a mea eex from guilty liberals and nothing to do with advancing racial unity and equality. When so little unites people, place becomes more important. What on earth is the point of such declarations? Right now, other political priorities also have claims. This 'multiculturalism' is riddled with problems, and it is not racist to think so.

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