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They will happy sexually around women of age. I would and to put down a few areas for siblings.

We were both amazed at what was happening, even more so, when she squeezed his cock more a tennis ball sized knot xex itself as she wrapped her fingers around knof firmly. I urged her sxe keep kknot and she what happen. What happened was unreal. A small trickle and then a few drops of dog knog spurted out. But the more she squeezed his cock the more he spurted, maybe times! When she got back and sat down her hands were trembling from the experience. Sure enough he was Dkg around in circles, still dripping cum and licking his his cock with a tongue even longer than his cock! He walked up to my wife and like a little shy puppy,laid his head on her knee. We had some really hot sex that night, she couldn't get enough.

There is likely to initially be significant frustration and if things do work, some tough times before the good times roll! So if you are still reading, you know the basics! I am not going to explain all the mechanics of the act, there are plenty of good guides on that already on here. What I am going to document is things I learned and might help! Forget the hand and knees position, depending on the height of the dog, you need your shoulders a lot lower than your hips. You can push your bum in the air and shoulders down on the floor as an option. Have help, you need someone to keep the dog still if he knots, you do not want to be dragged around the room by him!

If he does mount, be ready! Take one hell of a deep breath and be ready for a bit of a shock!

This lasts for around 7 days, followed by another days of menstrual bleeding. After that the bitch is no longer fertile. Her next heat will follow in six months. Before her first heat, I would recommend a minimum of sexual activity. Let her discover her own place as a dog before confusing her with too much sexuality too soon. By all means caress her entire body, and around her vagina gently. Let her get used to your hands being everywhere on her, but avoid active stimulation of her clitoris at this stage. Cuddle her, and love her for the puppy she is. It is a good time for exploration of her body and genitals for you to get used to the differences between her and a human partner.

You will notice that the entrance to her vagina is a 'Y' shape.

I'll give rocks for Latino my Great Miracle. Selection her, and sucking her for the globe she is.

The tail of the 'Y' points toward her front, and that is where her clitoris is. The lips are coated with a fine velvety fur. During the early stages of her first heat, the bitch may become depressed, or even frightened by the sudden changes in her. She may start to wander off in search of a mate. Comfort her and be a friend to her, and don't let her escape off your property. It is now your responsibility, for the next three weeks, to ensure she isn't mated by the sudden hordes of randy male dogs hanging around your house. Let me recommend high wooden fencing, and a handy bucket of cold water for potential suitors.

After the first bleeding stops, her vagina entrance will have enlarged quite significantly. She may actively invite you to sex by turning her rump toward you, and flicking her tail aside every time you catch her eye. In other words, she is now horny, and it is up to you to relieve her. All the better to use you whole body in the act. Work with her as though she were human. That is, spend time caressing her, hugging her. Play with her nipples, which will have become larger and more sensitive with her heat.

Arouse her as much as you can. When she is really turned on, her vagina will be well lubricated, and she will almost be begging you to make her cum. The best way to do this is to use one or two fingers. If you are a male, do NOT try inserting your dick into her unless she is one of the Giant Breeds, or you have an exceptionally small dick. If you hurt her, she may become frightened of you, and will not enjoy the sex. Move around behind her and insert one finger gently into her, slowly. If she isn't wet enough, use saliva or KY jelly. Don't use mineral oils or anything that isn't used for human sex.

As your knuckle brushes past her clitoris, it is likely she will sharply hump her hips downward. It surprised the bejesus out of me the first time it happened Slowly withdraw your finger, and repeat. She should start humping up and down on your finger quite strongly.

Keep in time to her movements, pushing up as she humps down. Use your other hand to caress her nipples and stomach. She will cum fairly quickly and easily this is why sex with animals is better than humans You can tell when she is, as you will feel her vaginal muscles squeezing on your finger and she will start convulsively Dog knot sex her lips. Try to sustain her pleasure for as long as you can; play with her clitoris. Generally treat her as you would a lover. If your bitch is one of the Giant breeds, and you are male, by all means screw her. Highly recommended in fact. She will hump your dick as readily as she will hump your finger. Crouch behind her or have her stand on a slightly raised platform and guide your dick into her with one hand.

Her tail will probably get in the way I don't believe in cropping tails eitherso you will probably have to drape it over one of your legs. Use your other hand on her hip to steady yourself. When you have your dick firmly in her, you can grasp her hips with both hands and thrust into her. Mmmm, savor that warm, tight pussy.

Sex Dog knot

I usually like to bring her to orgasm by hand xex, and then screw her afterwards, otherwise she tends to hump on my dick, and I will often fall out of her. Feel free to cum inside her. You will enjoy it immensely, and it is impossible to get her pregnant on human semen. After you have both orgasmed, she will probably become very affectionate ,not she enjoyed it and playful. Lie with her for a bit, stroking her, and telling her you love her. You will communicate your feelings to her. Don't Doh constrained to wait for her next season for sex. Between heats, she will still be receptive to sex, but you may find she is a bit tighter.

You will probably have difficulty inserting your penis fully into her. Don't force it; you don't ever want to hurt her, betraying her trust in you. I find that very stimulating for both of us. You may like to lick her vulva and clitoris. I don't enjoy that much, but give it a go. She will love it. Not many dogs are into anal sex, but one or two don't mind. They seem to be the exception though. If your bitch doesn't like it, don't force it, or you will cause her to resent you. If she does like it, as my bitch Xanth does then anal sex is great.

While your are screwing her arse, you can be masturbating her vagina. The sensations on your dick are, well, indescribable. The reverse is highly recommended though; going from her vagina to her anus, as you will be well lubricated, and it will be easier to enter her. I would also suggest you wash the feces off your dick afterward fairly quickly too. For a change, you can screw her missionary style; her on her back, and you laying on top. Be prepared for frustration, as they don't quite seem to be built correctly to enter from that angle. Bitches don't seem too keen on either human semen, or licking human vagina.

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