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God I weir him. I was lost heavily, my wife rising and unusual, and I could spend my own idea.

I threw on a T-shirt and aerobics shorts " what little there is of them " Nobody is gonna see me at that hour and besides our backyard is heavily brushed and I only have to go to the alley I get out there and am turning the corner past a row of bushes and the garbage man is already there Black stud fucking up our trash. I kind of jump back like I am not really dressed too good? He turns around and I think again!!!!! There standing there is this strong tall sexy Black dude!!! He was built, you know built from hard work not from going to a gym. He had on sweat pants and a flannel shirt that he didn't have buttoned up. I said "WaitI'm glad I caught you,I have a couple of more for you" I wanted to jump in his arms right then.

He grabbed the bags and just said thanks and kind of smiled. Well I am not usually shy but right then I noticed his partner coming from behind the pther building so I figured I'm not gonna start conversation. I kind of nodded at him and proceeded to go back upstairs. I walked and wiggled my ass just in case he was interested. As I walked away I turned around and he had a big smile on his face and his mouth kind of in a "Whew" shap! I nodded my head and smiled at him. I mean I got back upstairs and my dick was raging, 4 AM and I run into one of the sexiest dudes I've ever seen in my alley? Lets say I jacked off like there was no tommorrow. I knew I had to be sure to be out there. Monday morning came and I set my alarm for a little before 4.

I was so fucking excited. I put on the same clothes and waited by the window and listened for the sound of the truck. I thought,what am I doing,I can easily get a date? Why am I up at 4 in the morning? I then heard the truck coming down our alley and hurried outside. I get out there and there he is. And my God, he has no shirt on,just his sweat pants. I start to walk up there and shit, his partner is there standing smoking a cigarette. Now I've done my share of 3somes but this dude did not seem the type. I walk out anyway and say the same thing "I'm glad I caught you" He smiles and comes to take my bags but I say " I can throw them in the back, I'm a big boy" I bend over, hoping he's checking out my ass and toss them in the back.

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I turn around and he just smiles and say thanks. I let my eyes run down his beautiful chest and down to his crotch and just giggle " no problem". Then his partner hops in the truck and says lets go. God I hate him. I turn to leave and my stud walks by and whispers in my ear " Damn you got a nice ass" " Let me see you move it when you walk away" MMMmm he didn't have to ask twice.

I'm not sure if he was teasing or if he was interested. But I did my best. I would have let him fuck me right there if he had wanted. His dick was bulging out of his sweat pants. I walk away and he hops in his truck and smiles and runs his tongue around his lips. I smile and kind of throw him a kiss. So Thursday comes and I am up again. This is going nowhere,he's not gonna do anything with his partner right there. I get up anyway and look out the window and I see him standing there against the row of bushes smoking a cigarette. He has no shirt on and is looking straight up toward my building.

For some certain I could not sticking,just kind of coffee and intense. He finally alleyways out slowly and navels to give in my bathroom.

I just kind of get a tingling feeling. I don;t see the other guy. Well I am really gonna give him a show. I put on a T-shirt and instead of the shorts I put on a G string. I proceed to walk out there my cute ass bare. I leave my apartment and he does not see me. I walk around the corner of the bushes and walk a little ways and there he is!!!! I kind of run my hand through my hair and pose my ass and say " MMmm you like "? He says " Fuck yea" and comes up and grabs my ass and starts caressing it from behind and rubbing his crotch against my cheeks.

On many levels my lust for him was intensified. Simply stated, no red blooded woman could resist him. He moved off his chair standing up. With that I got closer to Leon, put my hand on his crotch and felt how hard and big he was. He instinctively pulled on it untying the knot. Brazenly he massaged his tool under his slacks running his hand along the length of his bulge. With trembling hands I reached for his pants zipper top dragging it over his impressive bulge. With his pants crotch open I fished his huge uncircumcised dick of steel. I kissed him deeply, and then grabbing him by the hand led him into our bedroom. Tossing my robe I lay down on the bed spreading my legs for my stud.

This is when I noticed how dark his skin was. He was not the chocolate color as most African-Americans are, but black as coal. I stared at his toned muscular body and could not help but think he was nothing at all like my hubby or other studs that I have had. He looked like someone out of a fitness commercial with a hard cock pointing straight up in the air. After few minutes Leon pulled his cock away from my oral caresses and positioned himself between my legs. Holding his weight on his arms he worked his huge cock into my pussy. I spread my legs as far as I could and screeched in pain and pleasure. He slowly pushed himself into my pussy satisfying me with pressure and heat.

Each one of his thrusts was filling me more deeply than the last. He started to increase his speed to practically the speed of an Energizer bunny. I wanted him to do me with slow, long and methodical strokes. I wanted to keep him inside me and to enjoy every stroke. I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled his body into me, he slowed down as we moved in unison. Digging my nails into his back I pulled his mouth to mine, and he made his tongue do what his cock was doing; he was fucking me good. I was having mini orgasms that made me moan in pleasure.

Leon was a good student, he was moving just the way I wanted triggering every fiber in my body wanting him more and more. He was on his back.

I squatted over him, with one hand spread my pussy lips and with vucking other grabbed his big black pole, lowering myself fuckint by inch until almost his entire shaft was inside my pussy. Then I moved to my knees as I rode cowgirl-like, rocking back and forth. He pressed his thumb onto my clit bringing me near an orgasm. In this carnal haze, every fiber of my fibrous tissue was feeling his girth. I was moving my hips, rocking and holding his thickness. Then his hands caressed my derriere helping me ride him. The muscles of my opening gripped him making the feeling indescribably delicious.

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