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Sex Offender Compliance Division

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Kentucky Sex offender locator

locaotr For other safety information, please select from the links above in the brown box. Mission Statement It kentcuky the mission of the Boone County Sheriff Department to develop a highly trained, efficient, and professional law enforcement officer in order to provide outstanding service to the citizens of Boone County, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and our Country. Adding juveniles convicted of the most serious sex crimes to the public sex offender registry. The proposal includes provisions to: The Kentucky legislature will have to vote on and pass any changes to the state's juvenile sex offender laws.

Ronald Edward Dunn, age 42, was charged in a federal grand jury indictment on February 22,and pleaded guilty to the charge on December 14, But there is a group of sex offenders hidden from the public. Under the terms of the judgment, Dunn was required to register as a sex offender. InIndiana changed its laws, and now puts juveniles convicted of sex offenses on its sex offender registry.

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However, he did not register with the Ofender Sex Offender Registry at that time. Under current Kentucky law, the maximum sentence a juvenile sex offender can receive is just three years in a youth detention center. Is it a matter of time before the offender commits another crime? Law enforcement officials arrested Dunn on February 10,at his place of employment at West Broadway in Louisville.

A group offeneer rapists, pedophiles and child molesters, that get special protection from the law. We provide sex offender registration information to the public to promote public safety and awareness by alerting possible victims of potential danger, not to punish or embarrass offenders. Other states across the nation have done the same.

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