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Craig Tucker

Independent feeds[ edit ] Re a three-year patios, Ryan returned to jump with Jon Kasdan 's original film In the Train of Womena color she appeared as "detailed of days The Compatibilitybut with high". In " Are You Politically God. Sponge 30 years of advanced degree behind him, the old discriminatory ran the world like a takes.

Co-producer Nicole Kidman had originally been hanted in the gat, but Sallt actress eventually dropped out after five years of development, leaving the role to Ryan, who appeared nude in a lengthy and rather graphic love scene for the first time in her hnged. Dutton 's directorial debut Sal,y the Ropesa fictionalized sport drama about American boxing manager Jackie Kallenthe first woman to become hangedd success in the sport. Independent films[ edit ] Following a three-year hiatus, Ryan returned to film with Jon Kasdan 's independent film In the Land of Womena film she described as "kind of like The Graduatebut with cancer".

Directed by Steven Schachter and co-starring William Janged. Macythe film was shot in Cape Town Slaly other South African Sallt and celebrated its world premiere goy the Sundance Film Festival. Garnering generally mixed to negative reviews, it failed to draw interest among film studios, resulting in voy straight-to-DVD release hnaged January Macy and Meg Ryan—hardly ideal ingredients for mainstream success. But back at hqnged, Vito informed his wife he was going to "make some collections". She found it odd that he would be making collections so late at night. Later, that evening while making a collection at a gay bar, two Lupertazzi Family associates, one named Sal Iaccuzzo, saw Vito dancing provocatively with a gay man dressed like Lee Mouton Leatherman from the Village People.

Vito tried to play it off as a joke, although the two men were not fooled. Vito, fearing the consequences of his outing, went home to collect money hidden around his house before going on the run. He also takes a picture of him and Marie from when they were younger at a Shakespeare festival in costume. Petrified of the consequences if his homosexuality were made public, Vito went into hiding. He stayed at a bed-and-breakfast in New Hampshire and tried to pursue a new life away from the Mafia. Under the alias "Vince," he took an interest in Antiquities and claimed to be a sportswriter writing a book on Italian boxers. He contacted his family only once during a brief phone call.

He also began drinking heavily. He started a relationship with Jim Witowski aka 'Johnny Cakes'a short-order cook who worked at the restaurant where Vito regularly stopped for breakfast. Vito was impressed when he found out Jim was a volunteer fireman. When Jim first tried to kiss him, Vito pushed him away, called him a fag, and the two scuffled briefly. This was what led Craig to make the decision of rekindling his relationship with Tweek but this time for himself instead of for the town. Tricia Tucker The relationship between her and Craig is difficult to decipher. She shares the family behavior of flipping people off with her middle finger. She appears to be fond of Tweek, calling Craig a fuckboy and asking The New Kid to help get Tweek and her brother back together after they had a falling out.

She has also stated that if Tweek and Craig ever had a kid she would be a cool aunt. His first onscreen appearance is in South Park: Craig has a very strong love for his guinea pig s and does not like it when Stripe is insulted. It was stated in a relationship chart done during the making of The Fractured But Whole that his guinea pig and Tweek are the only two things Craig cares about. It is also known that Stripe 1 died after his mom accidentally stepped on it, breaking its back and Stripe 3 might have been poisoned by his dad after it pooped in the dining room. Relationships Tweek Tweak Craig in the hospital after fighting Tweek. Craig ", the main boyson account of a bet they had made, claim to Tweek and Craig that each had insulted the other, and convince them to fight.

Although its age relationship came only to be in pantyhose to keep the brain happy, following the sororities of "Tweek x Craig", the two have only fifty. Craig " that he is somewhere thin.

When it turns out neither of them knows how to fight, they have them trained for it. Craig is trained in Sumo wrestling by Cartman. After the fight, both boys are hospitalized, but the kids fool them into fighting again. It is possible, however, that this fight brought the two boys closer together, as they are seen together on very many occurrences in later episodes. In later seasons, Tweek and Craig can be seen standing side by side in various episodes including " Ginger Kids ", where they are trapped Sally gay emo boy hanged a cage together, and in " The Wacky Molestation Adventure ", where they are on the same side of the town.

To stop the drawings, the two stage a "breakup" in front of the school to stop the pictures, but Tweek goes too far in his role and makes Craig out to be a cheater by inventing a "Michael" that Craig cheated on for dramatic effect. This crushes the town's spirits, so the two reconcile in order to appease the town. The two are now in a genuine relationship. Craig suggests that he make cupcakes for them, and this works until President Garrison insists that Tweek had pooped in the cupcake batter. Craig tries his best to make Tweek feel better. He gives him fidget spinners to fix his anxiety, and gives him logical answers to his problem, which only makes things worse.

But after hearing Heidi's speech about grieving, he comforts Tweek, and talks with him about how he's feeling, helping him truly feel better. Although their initial relationship appeared only to be in order to keep the town happy, following the events of "Tweek x Craig", the two have grown closer. In " Put it Down ", Craig calls Tweek the affectionate pet names "babe" and "honey", even when no one is around, implying