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If we have no information about the populations then we assume a "flat prior", i. Martingale analysis[ edit ] Suppose you had wagered that Mr Smith had two boys, and received fair odds. We think of your wager as investment that will increase in value as good news arrives.

What evidence would make girs happier about your investment? Learning that at least one child out of two is a boy, or learning that at least one child out of one is a boy? The latter is a priori less likely, and therefore better news. That is why the two answers cannot be the same. Now for the numbers. If we bet on one child and win, the value of your investment has doubled. On the other hand if we learn that at least one of two children is a boy, our investment increases as if we had wagered on this question. So the answer is 1 in 3.

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Variants of the question[ edit ] Following the popularization of the paradox by Gardner it has been presented and discussed in various forms. Smith is the father sec two. Sxe meet him walking along the street with a young boy whom he proudly introduces as his son. What is the probability that Mr. Smith's other child is also a boy? However, someone may argue that "…before Mr. Smith identifies the boy as his son, we know only that he is either the father of two boys, BB, or of two girls, GG, or of one of each in either birth order, i. Discovering that he has at least one boy rules out the event GG.

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