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Medela Swing vs. Philips Avent

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Avvent, as a "mom's night out" pump snd a mom who needs to get away for a few hours on occasion. Secondly, this pump is the perfect, compact traveling companion for any nursing mom. It can comfortably fit in most adn, diaper bags, or carry on luggage for a no-fuss travel experience. Medela Harmony Manual Analysis and Test Results As ubiquitous as breast pumps are these days, interestingly it was only a little over 2 decades ago in when the Swiss company Medela introduced the first electric-powered, vacuum-operated pump for use outside of the hospital. In fact, the first pumps were patented in the midth century to address issues with inverted nipples and small, weak newborns that were having too much difficulty with nursing.

They've come a long way since then and have been an essential tool in providing nourishment to millions of babies ever since.

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Value When purchasing a new breast pump, there is a range of options available. You have single manual pumps and double electric pumps and everything in between, which creates a huge range in price. We love the Editors' Choice winner, the Spectra S1, but it comes in as the most expensive. For most moms, pumping is a way to ensure that their child reaps the benefits of their breast milk even when she can't be with them. Some moms are unable to physically breastfeed which leads them to become an "exclusive pumper". Others desire to create a supply of stored-up breast milk, thus allowing them to return to work while continuing to provide their child's meal.

Still, other mothers are pumping for some much-needed mommy time, or maybe for that elusive date night one so rarely sees in their child's first year of life, or possibly, just in case of emergency. For whatever purpose you may be pumping, we have tested the best pumps on the market and determined why they may or may not be a good fit for you. Don't forget to check out the articles titled How to Choose the Best Breast Pump and How We Test for more detailed information to aid in your pre-pump purchase research. In addition, don't miss our article Best Practices for Handling Breast Milk as it indeed is liquid gold for your baby.

By using a breast pump, your baby can still reap the benefits of your breast milk, even when you are away. Types of Breast Pumps When choosing a breast pump there are two major options: Each has their positive and negative attributes and we found we liked aspects of both for different purposes. Electric An electric breast pump, as the name states, is a pump that runs on electricity, normally via a wall outlet, but many also have the option to run on batteries, which is nice. All the electric pumps we tested were double breast pumps which means you can pump both breasts at the same time. We found them to be far more efficient than the manual pumps we tried, based on their power and consistent pumping rhythm combined with the ability to pump both breasts at the same time.

All the electric breast pumps included in our testing. Manual Manual breast pumps are those that require the user to do the work.

They have a lever which attaches to the breast flange the part that covers your breast that generally pukp a simple squeeze and release type of operation to express milk. We found manual medeela to be beneficial due to their ease of portability avenr lack of excessive parts. They can be a bit labor intensive, still, we found that they were very handy, especially for in certain situations, like during travel. Three of the most common manual breast pumps on the market from left to right: Typically takes between five to ten minutes to render five to six ounces of milk total from both breasts. It was one of the most efficient pumps we tested!

Efficiency is the bottom line for a lot of moms when it comes to breast pumps. With the draw of a new baby finally in your arms, no one wants to be spending their time hooked up to a less-than-inviting milk machine. Like us, your first questions will most likely be: As far as milk quantity vs. Across the board, we found the most of the pumps consistently rendered the same amount of milk. The main difference was in the amount of time it took to pump that "x" amount of milk. Two of the electric pumps that stood out above the rest when it came to efficiency were the Spectra S1 and the Medela Pump In Style Advanced. While these pumps often rendered the same amount of milk as comparable units, they were able to do it more quickly.

Comfort Most moms are in for a little bit of suffering when they first begin to breastfeed.

It can be very uncomfortable to start, but for most, it slowly becomes more comfortable. This can also be the case with breast pumps. Acent all depends on the frequency you need to use the pump and how much medeela you've got. If you're only planning to express for the odd night out, or less than once or twice a adn then a manual pump might be sufficient. If you need to express more frequently, like when returning to work etc then an electric would be better. I got the medela freestyle pump, which is well out of the price range you want to pay as it's a double electric, but it was brilliant and allowed me to express after returning to work for 7 months.

The medela swing is within your price range and is a single electric pump and it gets very good reviews too Hope this helps a bit smile Follow my blog "Bed Rest for Baby" at http: I thought it was 'ok', but then when ds came along I bought a tommee tippee electric pump and discovered the manual ones are awful when I look back! Lol The one I bought did the job fine, I'd feel a little bit grazed sometimes toward the end of expressing when the milk was nearly gone I forgot to take my pump to work one day. So I borrowed the one at work on the maternity ward and it was a medella electric. My gosh I realised my pump is crap! This one felt so gentle in comparison and even though it felt gentle I got way more milk out of using that pump.

I didn't feel grazed at all and when I was finished I felt like it wasn't bad at all to have to go an express when using that pump.

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